We do entry right now We do entry on the telephone
Application except maid from this
As soon as we wore maid clothes,
We sleep in you
"We are pretty," but wake up
We can make person of the circumference into smile
We transform ourselves into girl!
That there is such a wonderful work,
We only imagined
Do you not become glad at all?

You who were interested even a little,
In such a @home cafe
Work contents by all means together
We will peep out!
By work in here @home cafe
One of the important things
"Being in pretty maids"
It is what!
Work contents 1
At first first rank designer whom Japan is proud of,
Of the Mr. Keita Maruyama supervision
We change into pretty maid clothes!
Maid clothes which we were particular about in detail
We are very popular in Akihabara!
It is charm point to shake light whenever the volume is plentiful as for the skirt and walks♥
Headband can choose favorite thing from three kinds to preference
Match the chest with feeling
We open out and are closed and can do it.
Ribbon is available from two kinds to atmosphere, too♪
Work contents 2
By hair make by contracted make
We transform ourselves into various images!
Because hair make does it We want to try by oneself though it is difficult! Such a hairstyle can do it♪
Will we make atmosphere that winds up, and was soft? What we can order from for feeling on the day is nice♪
Basic twin tail of Akihabara!
Do you not challenge cute hairstyle that seemed to come out of comics and animation?
@After hoo - muni entered
A lot of children of woman whom hairstyle to look good with was found in!
Work contents 3
Be supported by gentle regular customer
It is waiting on customers start of throb!
@It is the twelfth anniversary in hoo - muha this year.
There are the results supported by many customers!
As environment that can do its best from new face is equal, we are reliable!
Work contents 4
Along hope of girl
We can receive various training!
Maid official approval
Dance lesson
Foreign language lesson
Work contents 5
Photography by professional photographer!
Support of clothes and hair make is perfect, too,
At all like model and entertainer
Is pretty; can take a picture!
In such a big maid cafe
You work properly, or are you anxious?
It is not necessary to do such a worry!
@Strength of the hoo - muno first,
Still inexperienced new face maid
We work at ease from the first day
It is in substantial environment!

The results of the industry giant!
It is chosen among the twelfth anniversary of the foundation, tourists of the world
There are the certain results!
Support is fulfilling
Careful interview or correspondence when we were in trouble
dakarakosono of the industry giant is reliable
Security side is substantial
It supports kind careful interview
It is reputation when easy to talk!
Even as for the inexperienced person
In the plain training
We put up in the spot immediately!
To concentrate on waiting on customers
All the work of stagehand
Professional staff undertakes!
In trouble or trouble
Professional staff is 365 days
He/she copes by the system!
We are not doing flyer place
It always comes together with work of flyer place in most maid cafes of Akihabara,
@Home cafe is not doing flyer place at all.
You can devote yourself to hospitality in shop to maid!
Friend is easy to make
@Approximately 200 maids are registered at home cafe, but hobby and age vary.
Animation and comics are apt to be thought to be only favorite person, but fashion, music, outdoor
There is maid with various hobbies, and age is registered to high school student ... former member of society widely again, too.
Surely maid companion congenial to you is found.
All the shifts are hope systems
Shift that maid commits is hope system on at least two a week day.
While as we do not force from shop, balancing with plan of school and private
We work at pleasure.
We work with popular maid
Active maid president hitomi
2015 leader chimu
2015 subleader meru
2014 subleader mizukin
The training is fun, too!
As the first training is steady,
We can play an active part in beginner immediately!
At first rule of shop
Mental attitude as maid
We learn carefully!
In shop which actually works
With pretty senior maid
It is exercise of waiting on customers together!
When we look at real copybook by senior maid Do you know what kind of thing "fetish" is?
Even after beginning to work
Senior maid
He/she supports easily
The popularity is outstanding, too!
From TV or magazine which anyone knows
We are interviewed for lot!
Let' s Tensai Terebi-kun
news every
Coca-Cola zero CM
Zooming in! Saturday
Downtown DX
There is max irregularity
YouTube channel
New Year holidays 2015 when Shimura, place fights
Nippon Television
"One-minute deep good talk that the life turns" into
When it is even slightly good
If you can think
We feel free to contact right now
Please apply!
Now about new shop opening
Maid is not enough.
This opportunity is chance!
We do entry right now We do entry on the telephone
1. Interview
We have an interview in building of the @home cafe head office in Akihabara. On the day, after the interview, we tell about the results within three days at the earliest at the latest.
2. Orientation
@We try on study of rule of home cafe and maid clothes.
3. Simulation
In maid clothes, we learn way of working in @home cafe. As we perform in shop on regular holiday, we concentrate on and can wrestle. In addition, we ask about following shift hope at this time.
4. Maid Rebel
We learn way of waitperson with senior maid after the entering a shop little by little. We talk with employee in charge of new face maid after the waitperson and will dissolve point that we did not understand, uneasy point one by one.
If we think when good
Please apply right now!
Now about new shop opening
Maid is not enough.
This opportunity is chance!
We do entry right now We do entry on the telephone

Head office 4F

Head office 5F

Head office 6F

Don Quijote Store

@Home cafe is 5 stores in Akihabara. There are 4 stores of those in the same building.
All stores are different in interior, but menu and system, work contents are the same.

However, atmosphere changes by manager and maid of position.
@We consider so that maid works in home cafe at store which matched oneself most.
We go round all the stores to the house of new face and wait on table and find store where we want to belong to,
We will finally belong to one store.
16 years old ... (possible high school student)
Working hours
Two days a week ... (we include on either 1st on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Four hours ... a day
We work in complete hope system on the favorite date and time
◆Weekdays from 11:00 to 22:00
◆Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00
Hourly wage 1,000 yen ...
We provide to transportation expenses 700 yen a day
Medical treatment
@As for the home cafe, medical treatment is fulfilling! We evaluate perseverance of everybody. In addition, we work in peace as there are not fine and uniform charges burdens at all.

・Medical treatment hourly wage 100 yen improves on holiday
・Overtime pay (25% of basic hourly wages improve eight hours later for working hours)
・Late-night medical treatment (after 22:00, 25% of basic hourly wages improve)
・Check shooting allowance
・Game play allowance
・Bromide sale allowance
・Goods sale allowance
・The year-end and New Year holidays, GW, tray adjunction
・Award for perfect attendance (1,000 yen - 4,000 yen a month)
・Each other prizes allowance
Other service
★Every month raise in salary assessment
We evaluate perseverance of everybody every month and assess.

★Hair make
The contracted hair make staff sets hair every waitperson (free)
・Exclusive uniform, exclusive locker loan
・Meal supply (in the case of shifts more than six hours)
・Enforcement (hope system) such as bromide shooting, activity of song, birthday event
Conditions of employment
・Do not work as full-time or part-time worker in store, company in Akihabara
・Do not work as full-time or part-time worker with manners and customs, cabaret club, girls bar, fetish system (maid cafe, rifure, walk)
・Person belonging to talent idol office getting permission on the office side
 Application except maid from this 
Recruitment of administration employees is this Recruitment of kitchen parttimers is this
Before application
(1) I would like setting beforehand to be able to receive email from "maid@infinia.co.jp" by all means beforehand. Even if do not set in particular a limit, au carrying in the case of use of "spoofing regulation" it is often, and "the amount of" of (high average low) "cannot receive email from this in this when or "low", do not change ni. I would like confirmation of setting.

(2) In the case of re-application of unacceptable one, we would like even a minimum after being over for six months. I may decline interview when I do not have free period enough.

(3) I inform of the interview date and time by email after the application, but please refer to the following windows on the telephone even if it is the day on day desired when there is not communication.

Infinia maid adoption window

Please input in all items.