Youtube "Find Your Love in Japan"

YouTube channel for foreigners who are interested in Japan

There was shooting of "Find Your Love in Japan"


To young lady of overseas master

@Thing and @ maid of home cafe

We want you to know a lot♩



What received interview


It is maruru, puyo, those three people opening!

Check it out!



@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.10.20 19:17:11
No title ♡~EVALAND~♡ (Eve)

Blog, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…Good evening ━━━ ☞...

2018.10.20 18:56:12
Petit trip . *☆It is dream to spend time on ☆*. (dream)

We want to see hair of some hair sugoiwauchi w doll which lay down in train which came to go on a petit trip all the time! Well, thing food delicious...

2018.10.20 18:52:58
Thank you rarararai-like ... (there are and others)

Waitperson was over! Thank you! Person who sees off concerning magic today, and was not able to do it is residence tesugo...

2018.10.20 18:33:18
moecha 2 ☆ Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

It is moecha 2! We charge power and come back

2018.10.20 18:00:39
Even Web says that it is the state of things and waits Investigation diary (Apollo)

Thank you for your return today yoo-hoo! Master and young lady ojochama to know from opening...

2018.10.20 17:54:23
No title pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

We enter soon!

2018.10.20 16:35:15
The first anniversary Nadir of the sea of wonder (nadir)

It is the letter which we read by event to sorry to have kept you waiting (ω ・`) of the first anniversary! That I wanted to do my best that was impressed; gen...

2018.10.20 15:37:43
**♡ ** that waitperson becomes 4F mizu kingdom mizukin

Vitamins which pimple is formed on ohayocha (o^ ∀ ^o) cheeks, and chug smoothie in soothing! Bitters...

2018.10.20 14:33:24
❥ Repeatedly Dream miruhimeno ♡!! (himeno)

It is warm today! !But winter will approach because after all it does not become "warm" (*' `*)...

2018.10.20 11:14:38
132* jagajaga The bottom of the sea and sound of wave Namine

We do whether we will arrange heart while performing update after a long absence that is hello namine ('_ ゝ `) of putting in order of room today...

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