Brazilian "# YOLO"

From Brazil

#Of youtube called YOLO


There was taking picture of trip series program.


It is channel of the viewership first place in Brazilian SNS!


It was come home four cheerful young ladies.



In addition, please come home! 




@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.10.20 19:17:11
No title ♡~EVALAND~♡ (Eve)

Blog, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…━━━ ☞, ‥…Good evening ━━━ ☞...

2018.10.20 18:56:12
Petit trip . *☆It is dream to spend time on ☆*. (dream)

We want to see hair of some hair sugoiwauchi w doll which lay down in train which came to go on a petit trip all the time! Well, thing food delicious...

2018.10.20 18:52:58
Thank you rarararai-like ... (there are and others)

Waitperson was over! Thank you! Person who sees off concerning magic today, and was not able to do it is residence tesugo...

2018.10.20 18:33:18
moecha 2 ☆ Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

It is moecha 2! We charge power and come back

2018.10.20 18:00:39
Even Web says that it is the state of things and waits Investigation diary (Apollo)

Thank you for your return today yoo-hoo! Master and young lady ojochama to know from opening...

2018.10.20 17:54:23
No title pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

We enter soon!

2018.10.20 16:35:15
The first anniversary Nadir of the sea of wonder (nadir)

It is the letter which we read by event to sorry to have kept you waiting (ω ・`) of the first anniversary! That I wanted to do my best that was impressed; gen...

2018.10.20 15:37:43
**♡ ** that waitperson becomes 4F mizu kingdom mizukin

Vitamins which pimple is formed on ohayocha (o^ ∀ ^o) cheeks, and chug smoothie in soothing! Bitters...

2018.10.20 14:33:24
❥ Repeatedly Dream miruhimeno ♡!! (himeno)

It is warm today! !But winter will approach because after all it does not become "warm" (*' `*)...

2018.10.20 11:14:38
132* jagajaga The bottom of the sea and sound of wave Namine

We do whether we will arrange heart while performing update after a long absence that is hello namine ('_ ゝ `) of putting in order of room today...

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