Maid (attogumi) introduction
, ,
Correspondence course of Doctor
Different star
Blood type
Type B
Favorite thing
Stage appreciation (mainly comedy, Kabuki)
Favorite color
Deep Purple♪
Favorite food
ichigomirukuno chawanmushi
Special ability
*Costume play * LINE stamp & kisekaeo excavation that nobody has though it is interesting fantastically of person who has delicately met collecting (200 has been excavated) *It is fun society in detsukerukoto *@ home cafe by the name that we did shiningly for an instant

Message to master, young lady

・We are not somewhat well-conditioned recently
・We do not do well about anything
・Finally we cannot remember date when we put up the corners of the mouth




Proof that it lacks sign etohatanga. ・°°>_ <) ・°°・.

Please come back to suguhatannoiruo mansion now>_ <) ♡ master, young lady ♡* ・゜゜・

Activity contents

Primary color heart @ group, mochiekkushitene which Doctor declares!

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@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.09.23 08:19:29
Good morning We do not put rice (net)

It is after a long absence and tosses in too sleepy Sir re-a that has already left house (˙o˙), and goes for an outing today that there is! tano...

2018.09.23 03:51:55
sayuringononikki. A certain ♡ Sayuri ♡ (Sayuri)

As it is day when some da - today can stay up late at the midnight, shitemasushiemisanno graduation approaches to one's heart's content...

2018.09.23 02:25:12
Is it chimusan? ? No, it is himusandesu! !(о' ∀ `о) shosho muchimuchichimuchan diary (*'ω `*) (Chimu)

ruchiano event T-shirt, all of you; is with mind, himu? !! !wwwwww (deden! We are...

2018.09.23 02:16:48
Gratuitous love ♡ metempu! rikoshisu ♡ (meten)

... that five months passed from the hamuha's first waitperson! Thank you that it was early (', ω, `), and master gave to (', ω, `)...

2018.09.23 01:20:33
9/22 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

Feel like China bromide liking appearance temasuchachachaina China too, and appearing every time, probably agree...

2018.09.23 00:56:17
We came home meipuru kindergarten ☆ohirunenojikan (meipuru)

As said that friend wanted to see mansion plumply on ... tadaimamepochandesu today, came home; always...

2018.09.23 00:36:35
Good evening . *☆It is dream to spend time on ☆*. (dream)

A lot of ripu of congratulations comes, and sell and soak! !fabottekuretahitomoarimato. Celebrate the second anniversary (transfer)...

2018.09.23 00:19:07
(∩¨∩) pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)


2018.09.23 00:13:43
No title All gather! goncha nzu! (goncha)

You should have overflowed in dream that the world did not seem to make dream nowadays which you thought of that you liked which did not do! goncha

2018.09.22 23:52:45
*It is * after the event in shierin house Magic girl sui * burogu Sui

(gt;_lt;) which had moshierin house put up after the event this time Make ✧˖ ° two, and is road at night as wearing men's clothes...

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