Maid (attogumi) introduction
, ,
News from kingdom not to look at to come to
March 13
Custard kingdom
Blood type
Cream type
Favorite thing
Cream panda, Nogizaka46, clothes, Toy Slime
Favorite color
Cream pink wine red
Favorite food
Cream bun, meat, dumpling
Special ability
Talk about splendor of cream panda

Message to master, young lady

It is ♡ walnut which we did from custard kingdom to look for cream panda♡

As we are story surukotogada ... and like, let's tell a lot!

Thank you in advance!

Photo Album

Walnut -9_171124 Walnut -7_171012 Walnut -1_170923 Walnut -4_170912 Walnut -8_170825 Walnut -3_170731 Walnut -6_170715 Walnut -9_170701 Walnut -7_170617 Walnut -6_170524 Walnut -6_170508 Walnut -5_170428 Walnut -4_170412 Walnut -4_170321 Walnut -3_170215 Walnut -4_170131

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.04.27 13:19:46
No title ♡ hanapyonnohoppe ♡ (flower)

Huh, we are, and does early May have more? ? ? Are there both event and Koss day? ? Early May, too (^ ν ^); ♡‪♡♡♡♡♡♡...

2018.04.27 13:15:47
No title yappaakechidanaa. (akechi)

Was strawberry apron ♡♡♡ love at first sight of new apron - jierapike which had, is pretty...

2018.04.27 13:02:24
moecha 1 ☆ Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

moecha 1 desu! www worried about chopsticks being scattered will have!

2018.04.27 12:39:02
Easter Koss D ོ Do; magic of color (margin)

It was Easter Koss D yesterday! What we come in yunoteyagao waitperson quietly and affect is nice recently and...

2018.04.27 12:01:59
** which is 5F today (together with *'ω`* eyes) hitomi

Today is sumahoke of participation shimasun notebook type for business trip waitperson after * tteruneo waitperson in 5F in [from 14:00 to 18:00] that is waitperson...

2018.04.27 11:21:19
❥ Oh! Dream miruhimeno ♡!! (himeno)

... today when good morning waitperson is night, and sleep in the day when there is not business all day long [oya...

2018.04.27 11:21:13
Type to hand receipt after change matatabi (rita)

We think that there is not a little opportunity to hand konyanyachiwaminna receipt. We had rent...

2018.04.27 10:14:36
Today's waitperson meilog (niece)

Today's waitperson takes a rest, too. I really am sorry. I am sorry that we worry.

2018.04.27 10:08:57
4F waitperson * Magic girl sui * burogu Sui

suramappagi today is * chishitema in there not being fetish charge that is waitperson in 4F anytime from 11:00 to 15:00...

2018.04.27 09:46:29
Waitperson goes amanatsumania! (amanatsu)

We went to Disney every year on holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday of athletic meet of elementary school. Oh, it is midsummer. Crow which thinks about having the same all...

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