News of new premium maid appointment



November, 2018






@Representative existence of maid of home cafe

To "premium maid"

Maid to take office as newly goes down…!

AKIBA Store 7F position

It is rose of this



We do in this!


 Maid introduction】 【Official blog】 【Official Twitter




We claim to be rose of one of AKIBA Store 7F position maid.
We take office as premium maid by event on November 11.
We declared, "we aim at premium maid!" by event that we held in July of the first anniversary.
Was declaration in shoku々* nta end, but appointment is decided, and is glad that dream comes true; with sense of relief
@We wait expectantly for new start to become premium maid almost face of home cafe.
We make use of lot that we learned from the seventh-floor all of you and wait on table as premium maid.
 We are more inexperienced, but we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Then we are looking forward to the day to be able to meet in young lady, mansion of master….


It is rose of this 
















Sunday, November 11


It is rose premium maid appointment event of this


We hold this

The event details are this



With this event

As it should be premium maid appointment

We look forward to your coming by all means.

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.09.23 03:51:55
sayuringononikki. A certain ♡ Sayuri ♡ (Sayuri)

As it is day when some da - today can stay up late at the midnight, shitemasushiemisanno graduation approaches to one's heart's content...

2018.09.23 02:28:47
okyuowa! We do not put rice (net)

We had changed on date, but waitperson on Saturday was shortest at night! Thank you, young lady of master; again...

2018.09.23 02:25:12
Is it chimusan? ? No, it is himusandesu! !(о' ∀ `о) shosho muchimuchichimuchan diary (*'ω `*) (Chimu)

ruchiano event T-shirt, all of you; is with mind, himu? !! !wwwwww (deden! We are...

2018.09.23 02:16:48
Gratuitous love ♡ metempu! rikoshisu ♡ (meten)

... that five months passed from the hamuha's first waitperson! Thank you that it was early (', ω, `), and master gave to (', ω, `)...

2018.09.23 01:20:33
9/22 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

Feel like China bromide liking appearance temasuchachachaina China too, and appearing every time, probably agree...

2018.09.23 00:56:17
We came home meipuru kindergarten ☆ohirunenojikan (meipuru)

As said that friend wanted to see mansion plumply on ... tadaimamepochandesu today, came home; always...

2018.09.23 00:36:35
Good evening . *☆It is dream to spend time on ☆*. (dream)

A lot of ripu of congratulations comes, and sell and soak! !fabottekuretahitomoarimato. Celebrate the second anniversary (transfer)...

2018.09.23 00:19:07
(∩¨∩) pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)


2018.09.23 00:13:43
No title All gather! goncha nzu! (goncha)

You should have overflowed in dream that the world did not seem to make dream nowadays which you thought of that you liked which did not do! goncha

2018.09.22 23:52:45
*It is * after the event in shierin house Magic girl sui * burogu Sui

(gt;_lt;) which had moshierin house put up after the event this time Make ✧˖ ° two, and is road at night as wearing men's clothes...

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