The 23rd attogumi bowling meet



★★Fan thanks event! Bowling meet★★




It is news of bowling meet!


We cross team in three young ladies of one participation maid and master this time

We compete for the score first place!

Participation team is all 23 teams!


Wonderfully! In team which encroached upon high rank,

We present prize to each Captain member♪


Title of "bowling numero uno" in hand of anyone?

Please come and join!


[the date and time]

Saturday, July 14

From 11:00 to 13:00



Tokyo certain bowling alley



8,000 yen (with souvenir, drink)



69 people

※In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.


[participation member]


かにだ± ん
We can do and see
かげだ¨ ら
Smell; Tiger
ちだ¨ せ
のだ° ら
It is rose of this



All the teams and set dekachieki which we photographed of all the maids

Two pieces of solo tickets which is usable at & store


●Runner up●

All the teams and set check that we photographed of all the maids

One piece of solo ticket which is usable at & store


●The third place●

One piece of solo ticket which is usable at store


●Prize for participation●

To master who participated, young lady

We present sorochieki of captain at team as prize for participation☆


[chiekichiketto new sales price]
※chiekichiketto can choose with solo, both 2 Shot
※Price is all tax-included notation


chiekichiketto one piece 600 yen

dekachiekichiketto one piece 800 yen

       chiekichiketto three pieces set 1,600 yen (advantageous 200 yen)

       dekachiekichiketto three pieces set 2,200 yen (advantageous 200 yen)


puremiamuchiekichiketto one piece 800 yen

puremiamudekachiekichiketto one piece 1,000 yen

       puremiamuchiekichiketto three pieces set 2,100 yen (advantageous 300 yen)

       puremiamudekachiekichiketto three pieces set 2,700 yen (advantageous 300 yen)


 supapuremiamuchieki change ticket one piece 100 yen

 ※For tsushottochieki shooting with superpremium maid, sorochieki shooting

puremiamuchiekichiketto + supapuremiamuchieki change ticket one piece 100 yen is necessary.


chiekichiketto becomes available as optional ticket.

Shooting with premium maid, please use ticket for premium maid.


*There becomes no drawing such as dates. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


[application method]

Apply than the following forms.


Oh, polish; see; bowling meet application form

※We accept, and start becomes ... at 18:00 on Saturday, June 16

※It becomes only 1 application per person. When it is applied, plural number invalidates all application.


[reception desk period]

Application period: Saturday, June 16 18:00 - Saturday, June 23 18:00

※In the case of a lot of applicants, we should draw lots

[successful announcement]

Toward the elected candidate, it is the future

We contact by email.

※As we may not receive by domain designation, mail-filter

I would like setting to receive.

※We contact over telephone only when we cannot send email.

[in the case of application from text message address]

Domain designated cancellation does not go well and

As it is often said that we do not get confirmation that filter works, and email does not reach

We recommend free mail addresses such as Gmail




On earth which team will it be to have championship in the hand this time?

Please expect★





※By instruction from bowling alley besides to bowling alley

Carry-on of food and drink and act to present food and drink for maid from customer

As this is prohibited, please cooperate.

※Free throw line sensor of bowling lane becomes ON.

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