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New product & event information is varied this week★


★★★★New product information★★★★


Saturday, June 16 release

■@Home cafe bromide■

... atto school ...

One piece: 200 yen (tax-included 216 yen)


"Oh, this theme is school".

 It is Ribbon & tie of different colors to matching pleated skirt…

Do this dream and hope not spend page 1 of youth in school clogged up?

Of such, "oh, school" bromide introduce a part♪


@Home cafe bromide

... atto school ...


[sale date]

From Saturday, June 16, 2018 to Friday, June 29


[release place]

(1) @home shop

(2) @ hoo - mu online shop



※"Anytime is given service that print" "kompuri" prints with convenience store print machine. Please be careful that you sell in shop as quality of product is different. In addition, method for purchase, please confirm WEB site of each service.



<atto school> (all 59 kinds)

renachi, akyamero, akua, abokado,
Sweetfish, aruka which are net, aruka & renachi,
Tear off Izumi, emachii, emachii &; see,
Okra, okra & honey kachu,
Fox, walnut, konatsu, kobato, kohane,
Tear saori, sapi, sawada,

We can do sawada & meetan and see, and do and do,
sui & maruru, violet, sepia,
serahii, serahii & miu, choko,
choko & rokiti, choro, tenri,
tenri & yuyumero, rose of dianthus,
Tear off; see, and honey, banira take a nap,
Futaba, fuwaru, maarin, macaroon,
As for maruru, miu, mikko, all,
meetan, yuyumero, ranze to pick off,
rione, retasu, rokiti


<others> (all 25 kinds)

akyamero, akechi, akechi & mikko,
Anri, kapi, jizeru, jizeru & ranya,
Futaba that shuri, violet become dull,
fuwaru, macaroon, mani, maro,
Both mikko, all and mirukii let you have,
& risu, yuyumero plus peach,
Mugwort, ranya, risu, lapis lazuli



[purchase privilege]

(1) sorochieki lottery

More than 6,000 yen (tax-included) including store niteatto school bromide

Every purchase, oh, of school bromide shooting participation maid

You can pull one time of sorochieki lottery.

※We exclude order product.

※It should be amount-limited.

It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.


(2) Maid photo signature ticket

@In home shop or @ hoo - mu online shop,

Five pieces of bromides with set or ten pieces of sets in the case of the purchase,

We get signature in bromide from maid who became model

Maid photo signature ticket

We present this!

※Usage of ticket

・Please show this ticket and target bromide one piece during stay in @ home cafe. We classify signature into target bromide.

・When maid listed in the surface is absent, it is not available.

・Content that maid writes is "signature of maid" "address" "date".

・This ticket is available to two pieces about one time of return.

・It should be one month on the surface from date of mention on expiration date of this ticket.



・As this ticket is not thing guaranteeing that we enter waitperson during period when target maid is targeted for privilege of ticket, please be careful.

・You cannot use thing without seal for thing that the surface does not have date and mention of maid name and the back side. If there is omission of mention, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact store.





Sunday, June 17 release 
■Original key ring■

850 yen (tax-included 918 yen)

As for the table, check was printed on the back of the photograph of maid
Item that is right delicious in one drop twice♪
Drawing by each maid is given check of the back side!
Key ring of a lot of feeling of fun!
You attach to various items, and please enjoy☆

[all 48 kinds]

hitomi, renachi, aiku, dirt phosphorus, 
Sweetfish which is akua, net is new, 
aruka, Anri smell; Tiger, kachu,
kanipan, plane, fox, walnut,
We tear kuroko, saori and we can do and see,
shushu, margin, sui, chiakyan,
chitose, choko, rose of tenri,
Doctor, pirio, nap, pinkii,
Futaba, fuwaru, peony, maarin,
We see maro, mika, mizukin and say,

meme, meriri, monaka, yuyumero,
retasu, reno, remu, rokiti






Sunday, June 17 release

■Self-introduction bromide■

One piece: 200 yen (tax-included 216 yen)

With each handwritten message

It becomes one piece of the maids whole body!

Please get★


Futaba that violet becomes dull,

Macaroon, mani, mugwort, lapis lazuli

(all seven kinds)


[method for purchase]

(1) @home shop store

You can purchase for all the members including thing that came out so far in shop.

As we prepare catalogue for store,

You see that one, and please order


(2) @home cafe

You can purchase share of maid of each premium maid + shop position.

Please order to maid.

※There is no handling in online shop






☆★ @ Home shop manager event ★☆


Maid stands in @home shop store and sells limited product!


kuroko manager

Saturday, June 16, 2018

From 15:00 to 17:00



@home shop

※We sell in online shop only in event time!

[product lineup]

(1) Off Shot film stars picture

(2) chiekifairu with limited message

Photoalbum with & limitation message

(3) DVD "KUROKO2" of the sixth anniversary of kuroko

(4)IC card case

(5) Can badge

The event details, product lineup from this




On the weekend to right or wrong @home shop!
By various lineups
We wait for master, young lady♪


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