★★@home cafe of the year 2018 holding★★

 Thank you for always favoring @home cafe.

 @In home cafe, do you know that there is event to commend maid doing her best once a year?


On forthcoming Monday, May 21, it becomes the sixth in total

"@ home cafe of the year 2018"

We hold this.



[in @home cafe of the year?]

@We intend for all maids belonging to home cafe,

One-year daily waitpersons are marked last year by various viewpoints

It is festival to commend maid who did her best.




Section consisting of opinions of young lady this year of master of @home cafe

"Master, young lady satisfaction section"

It will commend of this!



At each store, master, young lady thinks

We carry out questionnaire to have you fill in each prize number one maid.

This section becomes thing fixed by 100% questionnaire result.

Please send hot encouragement of master, young lady★

(the details of questionnaire, please identify the following) 




Person of decided commendation on Tuesday, May 22

By "@home world" information

We report to all of you.




In addition, on holding "@home cafe of the year 2018"

We should close a shop at all store 15:00 on Monday, May 21.

Thank you for your understanding beforehand.





Master, young lady satisfaction section

As for the questionnaire contents details, please see the following


[reception desk period]

From Friday, April 6 to Sunday, April 15


[enforcement method]

Each prize commends separately at each store.

If when it was come home, you can order to the staff of reception desk

About one return one piece,

I hand questionnaire for maid of the store and premium maids.

In the case of outing, put in questionnaire BOX of entrance of the store.

※Vote is not intended for superpremium maid.


[about customer satisfaction section]

It commends each following prizes "one for each store and premium maid".

・Maid that smile is always wonderful

・Maid who can do consideration well

・Maid with singing voice to be enchanted by

・Maid who is good at dance

・Maid who heaps up, and is good

 ・Maid whom master, young lady wants to support


@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.09.23 03:51:55
sayuringononikki. A certain ♡ Sayuri ♡ (Sayuri)

As it is day when some da - today can stay up late at the midnight, shitemasushiemisanno graduation approaches to one's heart's content...

2018.09.23 02:28:47
okyuowa! We do not put rice (net)

We had changed on date, but waitperson on Saturday was shortest at night! Thank you, young lady of master; again...

2018.09.23 02:25:12
Is it chimusan? ? No, it is himusandesu! !(о' ∀ `о) shosho muchimuchichimuchan diary (*'ω `*) (Chimu)

ruchiano event T-shirt, all of you; is with mind, himu? !! !wwwwww (deden! We are...

2018.09.23 02:16:48
Gratuitous love ♡ metempu! rikoshisu ♡ (meten)

... that five months passed from the hamuha's first waitperson! Thank you that it was early (', ω, `), and master gave to (', ω, `)...

2018.09.23 01:20:33
9/22 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

Feel like China bromide liking appearance temasuchachachaina China too, and appearing every time, probably agree...

2018.09.23 00:56:17
We came home meipuru kindergarten ☆ohirunenojikan (meipuru)

As said that friend wanted to see mansion plumply on ... tadaimamepochandesu today, came home; always...

2018.09.23 00:36:35
Good evening . *☆It is dream to spend time on ☆*. (dream)

A lot of ripu of congratulations comes, and sell and soak! !fabottekuretahitomoarimato. Celebrate the second anniversary (transfer)...

2018.09.23 00:19:07
(∩¨∩) pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)


2018.09.23 00:13:43
No title All gather! goncha nzu! (goncha)

You should have overflowed in dream that the world did not seem to make dream nowadays which you thought of that you liked which did not do! goncha

2018.09.22 23:52:45
*It is * after the event in shierin house Magic girl sui * burogu Sui

(gt;_lt;) which had moshierin house put up after the event this time Make ✧˖ ° two, and is road at night as wearing men's clothes...

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