News of special bromide - roomware - release

The use always has @home shop

Thank you.


Separately from this week normal bromide,

Special bromide is sold!


Saturday, March 17, 2018 release
■Special bromide - roomware ...■
Ten pieces of set 2,000 yen (tax-included: 2,160 yen)




Days that are warm weather gradually increase

It became near in spring♡ 

We take a nap in a relaxed mood while taking warm sunlight…

Such a figure is seen

Roomware bromide for a limited time finally comes up!

We are pretty and are slightly sexy

It is becoming special bromide which is not available only now☆


This bromide


★Release for a limited time!

★There is no resale!


What kind of cut is there?…

Fun that we see at store!



It is only thing wanting master, young lady to look at all cuts★

Please check early♡


[special bromide]

Is & Eri who is clutches that are renachi, net, knit, 
Sweetfish, Arata, aruka, aruka & renachi,
We can do kuroko which is Anri, Izumi, collar and see,
Well, there are rose, fuwaru, maarin of sui,
maruru, monaka, monaka & remu,
rize, rukori, remu, rokiti

(all 25 kinds)


[release period]

From Saturday, March 17, 2018 to Friday, March 30



[method for purchase]

(1) @home shop store

As there is catalogue at cash register,

You see that one, and please order


(2) Online shop

 ※You can purchase from 9:30 on Saturday, March 17.



[purchase privilege]

More than 6,000 yen (tax-excluded) including special bromide every purchase

You can pull one time of sorochieki lottery of special bromide shooting participation maid.

※We exclude order product.

※It should be amount-limited. It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

※Both special bromide, other concepts bromides purchase

Of sorochieki lottery of special bromide, sorochieki lottery of other concepts bromide

You can choose either.




※Please note that this bromide does not run out of signature ticket.

※For selling over the count, we sell with ten pieces of one set for WEBSHOP sale together. (we do not do sale by selling things loose.)

※We do not resell. It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.





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