[SBK, BK-limited] Cherry blossom viewing walk event 2018 is held!



Season of cherry blossoms did it this year♥

Cherry blossom viewing event that is annual in home cafe every year

We hold this year!


※It becomes young lady-limited event of master having super black Cards black Cards.

Thank you for your understanding.


In spring sunlight warm repeatedly

Do you not enjoy cherry blossom viewing walk?


Please participate!


[event summary]

The holding date and time: The Monday, March 26, 2018 daytime


Place: Tokyo a certain place


Entrance fee: Free of charge


The time required: Approximately one and a half hours


※The details will inform by email after the application.

※When receptionist is not in time by the departure time, you cannot participate.

※It is called off in case of rain.


[participation member]







Oh, we go















[special present]

・Super black one

tsushottochieki one piece & sorochieki one piece


・Black one

tsushottochieki one piece or sorochieki one piece 


[application method]

Apply from this application form.


※In the application reception desk, it becomes just at 23:59 on Sunday, March 18.

The details on the day will inform by email by Tuesday, March 20.



※One where is not made information registration in rank up,

Sorry for your inconvenience, but wish does registration to information registration form.

Information registration form clicks this



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