About "@home application" for Android malfunction




We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe.



About @home application than December, 2017 for Android, malfunction that cannot log in occurs.

We are very sorry to cause all of Errand inconvenience.



It does not yet lead to improvement, but lists cause and provisional correspondence becoming clear in the current situation.

※We may not be necessarily improved by provisional correspondence. In addition, please note that you cannot take responsibility at all even if there are disappearance of data and other damage by this correspondence


In addition, we will work on repair in cooperation with developer in future.

I am sorry that I cause inconvenience,

We would appreciate your waiting until improvement for a while now.



■Cause of this problem■

Specifications were changed in December, 2017 by Upgrade of application "Chrome" for Android terminal "Android System Webview".

@home application uses function equipped with for the application called "Webview" mentioned above.

Function of @home application and some kind of false setting have occurred by these specifications change.

As a result, it is in a condition not to be able to log in at present.



■One that this phenomenon does not produce■

When even Errand comes below under, this malfunction may not produce Android terminal.

①We do not carry out update of "Chrome" "Android System Webview" application after November, 2017

(even if we update by yourself and do not operate when automatic update of application becomes ON, we may be automatically updated)



■About provisional correspondence■

We can evade outbreak of this malfunction by this problem returning version of each application to thing before November, 2017 to be caused by version of "Chrome" "Android System Webview", and not updating after it.

※At some Android terminal, you confirm evasion of deficient outbreak by the above, but please note that you may not evade depending on model of Errand

※In the case of new Android terminal which he/she purchased after December, 2017, we are not more likely to be able to return to version before November, 2017 and cannot evade outbreak of this malfunction



★Procedure of correspondence★

※This correspondence just supports tentativeness. In addition, please note that you may not evade malfunction even if you give this response. In addition, when there are disappearance of data and other damage by this correspondence, we understand that we cannot take any responsibility beforehand, and I would like enforcement.

Data of Chrome application are removed when we carry out this correspondence. In enforcement, please back up data as needed.


1. We turn off automatic update of application

[home screen]

→[Play store]

→[left upper menu icon]


→[automatic update of application]

→[we do not do automatic update of application.] We choose this

※All application of Android terminal of Errand is not updated after choice with this option automatically. With a choice of application that you want to update from menu [Maia pre-& game] of Play store as needed, please update individually. Please be careful on this occasion as malfunction reappears when we update "Chrome" "Android System Webview"


2. We return version of Chrome application to state at the time of the terminal purchase

[home screen]

→[menu button]




→[we make invalidity]

→[we invalidate application]

→Do you update application in state at the time of shipment? [OK]

 →(after the completion mentioned above) [we shall remain in effect]

※Because Chrome application returns to state at the time of the terminal purchase when we carry out this operation, all setting and the data are deleted. Necessary data, please take backup beforehand.


3. We return version of Android System Webview application to state at the time of the terminal purchase

[home screen]

→[menu button]



→[Android System Webview]

→[we make invalidity]

→[we invalidate application]

→Do you update application in state at the time of shipment? [OK]

→(after the completion mentioned above) [we shall remain in effect]



■Following instructions■

①When you turn on automatic update of application or when you update Chrome application and Android System Webview application by manual operation, please be careful as this malfunction occurs

②We cannot perform update of Chrome which is main browsers in Android terminal. When you want to use the latest browser, Firefox or Opera have you use other browsers, or please use Chrome Beta for trial of latest Chrome ※We cannot take all responsibility by this matter


We work on repair about this problem sequentially and will tell about the situation at any time.

Is sorry to cause trouble, but thank you for your cooperation.


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