DVD release decision of the tenth anniversary of sui!



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Cold vanishes to master, young lady, too

It is news of the latest DVD


☆★☆★ New work DVD information ☆★☆★ 

DVD which we did of the tenth anniversary of sui comes up!
As for the name…

Detective Mizuno office
... and strange case ... of a certain village

In detective Mizuno office
Strange request always comes—
Detective "pretense" of Mizuno suiha and a certain small detective office name.
One day it is performed in a certain village
We participate in confrontation to select "God",
We receive request from doubtful woman when we want you to defeat self-styled "God".
With Chimura purple of rival
Mizuno toward mysterious village.
Standing in the way there
In very too thick self-styled "God"…?
As expected fate of Mizuno…?
There is laughter, and there is laughter, and there are tears (?) There is, parody!
@Megaflick that DVD which home cafe gives is the largest luxurious member in history and sends!
Collection of making picture and NG, interview of member
We collect by the large volume at the same level as the main story!
In addition
We collect PV of sui individual!

DVD/BD "detective Mizuno office ... and strange case ~ of a certain village"

※Build-to-order manufacturing product

<order period>
From Saturday, February 10 9:30
Until Sunday, February 18 23:59

<handing over day>
Store delivery: From February 24, 2018
WEB shipment: February 26, 2018 shipment
※Arrival varies according to areas to live

<type / price>
↓↓ It is recommended at pure image quality! ↓↓
Blu-ray version: 4,250 yen (tax-excluded)
DVD version: 3,750 yen (tax-excluded)

We set and can purchase limit, following limited Item at the time of order!
sui DVD clothes sorochieki: 700 yen (tax-excluded)

Special poster (A2 size): For each 1,000 yen (tax-excluded)

<order privilege>
Only for one that you ordered during period,
We put product nisuino handwriting signature.
(doing can choose signature nothing)

<method for purchase>
(1) @home shop store
(2) @ hoo - mu online shop

[participation maid]
We let you vomit sui, Chimu, mizukin,
We can do kuroko, renachi, aruka and see,
Spin, kanipan, maro, well, Bow,
ia, maruru, nagi, urufu,
kohane, reona (special casts)


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