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@News of home cafe X my melody collaboration cafe holding♡ 



We appreciate your always using @home shop.


We start from ... on Thursday, February 1, 2018

@Home cafe X my melody collaboration♡

We introduce collaboration goods becoming release on the same day♪




Thursday, February 1, 2018 release

♡My melody collaboration♡

Acrylic key ring

For each 600 yen (tax-excluded)

Melody piano kuromi (three kinds)


For my melody collaboration, we use original illustration which we drew♡

Melody piano kuromi wraps the body in original maid clothes of @home cafe and waits on table♪




♡My melody collaboration♡


For each 1,000 yen (tax-excluded)

All one kind

It is porch using main illustration of collaboration cafe♪

Figure that melody & piano comes home as for the surface

In the back side, pretty figure of entrance and melody piano kuromi of @home cafe is printed♪




♡My melody collaboration♡

Square mirror

For each 800 yen (tax-excluded)

(all one kind)

It is folding mirror that melody & piano was printed♪

Size: 91mm *115mm



♡My melody collaboration♡

Lunch tote bag

1,500 yen (tax-excluded)

Melody and piano are printed in vivid pink & purple by Thoth of pink place★

It is small size that it is easy to use for lunchtime or slight shopping♪





♡My melody collaboration♡

Mug cup

1,500 yen (tax-excluded)

It is mug cup which melody piano kuromi dressed in original maid was garnished with♪

Mil key to mug cup pink which is pretty even if we take the inside♡

It becomes the same thing that we use at the time of offer of collaboration latte drink in collaboration cafe★






♡My melody collaboration♡

Can badge

For each 400 yen (tax-excluded)

Melody kuromi piano melody & piano (all four kinds)

We draw and are pretty can badge using illustration♡



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(1) @home shop store

(2) @ hoo - mu online shop







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2018.02.25 02:17:19
No title Jar Witch ponzudokka - n! (ponzu)

Is released, and cannot be chickenshit event poster saying very much; is not possible; is not possible; can not serve?...

2018.02.25 01:57:54
We go with baggage which seems to go to supermarket in distant place Is it order harapandesuka? ? (rapan)

Lend relatively from Tokyo; extremely in house of friend of distant place to paste dekitayo friend "obtain? Only as for baggage that of that is; was said...

2018.02.25 01:47:49
No title ♡ hanapyonnohoppe ♡ (flower)

If house returns though we do not record meringue and saw in net when waitperson goes today, we do not put, but Yoshizawa is...

2018.02.25 01:23:53
We knew importance It is mikkomikkomi ☆ every day (mikko)

Thank you, waitperson today! Fun ...! Mansion does well, too, and is seed ~, but, meanwhile, is clock today...

2018.02.25 01:21:18
♡2.22 Birthday party ♡ Oh, we are with everybody. (net)

+ ❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎, 2/22 participates in birthday party of master of SBK...

2018.02.25 01:16:18
No title Macaroon is ♡!! by refrigeration required (macaroon)

Young lady thank you ... ♡ bromide of master who came to meet that thank you for your return lets you sign...

2018.02.25 00:41:58
2/24 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

⁺ପ(* ° ͈ᗜ ° ͈) second ... which came over to slightly far-off Osaka from Akihabara! The last time is live house and authority of of the station square...

2018.02.25 00:24:12
Event of the tenth anniversary of suisan and other various feelings ('ω `ο) ゜・. When we do not look at the eyebrows. ・゜ mayumi

If, in fact, graduate by the suisan tenth anniversary, 10 unpleasant sui ... age omedetougozaimasusuisanga events; the tenth anniversary...

2018.02.25 00:10:58
mentama pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

It is +..: revolution ♡o hitting mentama green or tension *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *pinkii Twitter (@ma...

2018.02.25 00:01:26
Tomorrow ☆ during cotton wool days increase (cotton)

We attach re-Bonn for one year! ma which is new face clothes +1 age Ribbon after it with old rain clothes +1 age Ribbon (light blue) in the first fetish...

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