@News of home cafe X my melody collaboration cafe holding♡

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@News of home cafe X my melody collaboration goods





We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe.



@home cafe

"My melody"

We will hold collaboration cafe called this!



@Home cafe X my melody collaboration cafe

From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to Saturday, March 31

@On the fifth floor of the home cafe head office



Charm that is fetish ... ♡ of @home cafe fuses with prettiness of my melody!

Transform yourself into mansion which is fetish fetish ♡ in dreamy state of mind very much softly

We invite master, young lady.


※We do not have plan of visit of my melody for the moment.

※Image in shop may be changed. 




For this collaboration, we wore maid clothes of @home cafe

We had you draw illustration of melody piano kuromi♡


By decoration in menu goods, shop in connection with character

Toward my melody fan, it becomes content that you can enjoy toward the @home cafe fan♪


We will tell about collaboration food, collaboration goods later!







@Home cafe X my melody

Collaboration cafe



From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to Saturday, March 31

※During period, there is change day for shop holiday and business hours. We do news later.

[holding place]

@The fifth floor of the home cafe head office

The fifth floor of 101-0021 1-11-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo mitsuwabiru  

[collaboration cafe business schedule March]

It is from 10:00 to 22:00 all day

Last order /FOOD: 20:50 (we include dessert) DRINK21:20 (we include amusement)




・Fetish fetish ♡ pink curry 1,300 yen of my melody


・Drawing crepe - picnic sewing - 1,200 yen of my suite piano

・Of kuromi "eek! Black!" Pasta - mischievous great success! ... 1,200 yen



・Chest kyumpafe 900 yen of new face maid my melody


・It is walk cake 900 yen with my suite piano in garden


・Do you like? Do you not like? Tsundere waitperson parfait 1,000 yen of kuromi


・Strawberry latte 680 yen of my melody
・Peach latte 680 yen of piano
・Black sesame latte 680 yen of kuromi


We present luncheon mat to visitors!



Furthermore, we present coaster toward the order with either drink♪


※Luncheon mat, design of coaster have possibility to be changed.

 ※In the same way as business of normal @home cafe, we charge menu rate + admission (700 yen / tax distinction).

 @About system of home cafe, please confirm this.


<@home cafe X my melody collaboration goods>

・Acrylic key ring
・Can badge
・Lunch Thoth

・Square mirror

・Mug cup

 Please see this in detail



My melody

Cowl which Sanrio designs in 1975, and develops, and started product sale in the same year is character of trademark.

Original story not to get snagged on the conventional character establishment became popular, and TV animation "wish my melody" broadcasted for four years from 2005 series acquired new constituency from child to adult.

Character who is loved by three generations who reached the birth 40th anniversary in 2015.
Sanrio official site my melody page 


@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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