Service upgrades on birthday!


We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe.


Master, young lady has wonderful news☆

From December 30, 2017

@Service upgrades on birthday of home cafe♪

For all the maids and taking a ceremonial photograph (dekachieki) that we can photograph

We attach mount on original birthday and present!




Let maid celebrate in @home cafe by all means on birthday of master, young lady!




We give a service on birthday and review


[birthday service pertinence period]

With the day on birthday, anteroposterior; is either of the day in total of 3 days each

(example) the said day when birthday was January 15 → January 14, 15th, 16th


[contents of birthday society]

It is presented song by 1 maid

Present of 2 birthday cakes

Taking a ceremonial photograph (with original birthday mount) by check of all the maids who are in 3 places and big size

※As for the check, maid does drawing and hands on the spot


[about reception desk]

In the case of entrance, you can confirm birthday (the date of birth), and please order to the staff of store with (driver's licenses).

We hold meeting on birthday during one hour when we are staying (in the case of surprise, please consult in secret)

In addition, we do not need reservation for holding of meeting on birthday.


[about rate]

Holding of meeting does not cost rate on birthday. You can usually hold only at rate.



During period, service can receive by once in each shop. 

Photograph which you can take is check of big size,

When you want, check shooting of size is usually possible, too.

(in that case, we do not have handing over of mount on birthday)


@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2018.01.21 23:21:46
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