DVD release decision of the fifth anniversary of tsukihi!


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DVD rush of surging wave!

We send new work information this week☆



☆★☆★ New work DVD information ☆★☆★ 

Special DVD in commemoration of the tsukihino fifth anniversary releases

 Main plan

"Natural beautiful daily life"

We sometimes make cold        
     We sometimes look good
Thought, such a freelance that we are absorbed in
We will see how  
     Beautiful beautiful daily life
    We will see how
There is somebody      
    He/she thinks
 Only in mere it. 
We press thought that we hid tsukihino in
Beautiful world talk. 
Image picture 
"Clear stream"
Her figure that it looks cool to float when we close our eyes.
We can have beautiful shiitsukihiogo * nestling with kimono figure.
 Image picture 
“ PUSH! "
As for the life, it bursts with lock.
We expressed strength as vanity of child of tsukihiga woman.
 Image picture 
I who am true who am unaffected.
Please enjoy pretty natsukihino figure.
The others
Plan that tsukihino singing voice can thoroughly enjoy
World ❞ which does not know variety ❝ tsukihino…
Attractive corners assemble in full force!


※Build-to-order manufacturing product

<order period>
From Saturday, November 18 10:00
Until Wednesday, November 22 23:59

<handing over day>
Store delivery: From November 25, 2017
WEB shipment: November 27, 2017 shipment
※Arrival varies according to area to live

<type / price>
↓↓ It is recommended at pure image quality! ↓↓
Blu-ray version: 3,750 yen (tax-excluded)
DVD version: 3,250 yen (tax-excluded)

We set and can purchase limit, following limited Item at the time of order!
tsukihi DVD clothes sorochieki: 700 yen (tax-excluded)

Special poster (A2 size): For each 1,000 yen (tax-excluded)


<order privilege>
Only for one that you ordered during period,
We put product nitsukihino handwriting signature.
(doing can choose signature nothing)

<method for purchase>
(1) @home shop store
(2) @ hoo - mu online shop

[participation maid]

tsukihi, kuroko, renachi,
reona, maruru, nagi,
Smell, and Tiger, bakitan are new


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