Song project 2017 start!



We updated product sales information!



That annual plan starts this year…!

Serious battle to arise on stage!


As for the name

"Song project 2017"


As "song pro" of this year is slightly different from average year

"Song pro" As for master knowing this, the young lady,

We heard for the first time! Person called this, please confirm the details slowly and carefully, too♪


★★ With song project 2017…? ★★

@Original song production plan of home cafe!

Popular name "song pro!"


@Unit which maid of home cafe formed voluntarily,

We do live performance for master, young lady,

Be finally due to the support

It is said that unit to sing original tune in is decided

It becomes plan of master, young lady participation type!


But! Being able to get the right

Only as for one unit!


On earth which unit seizes laurels this year?


We look forward to participation of much master, young lady♪


This "song project 2017"

All participating units participate

Blow game in "song pro LIVE" performed in Akihabara PARMS!

We have master, young lady do support vote of one vote of one in this LIVE,

Championship is decided with the total number!



Each two times of units perform "song pro PR live" during period before final live

We appeal to master, young lady for charm!

Is "song pro PR live" by all means; each unit

Please see what kind of performance you do!



We introduce curious participation unit & member!


[participation unit]


<unit name>


Dirt phosphorus, aiku

Walnut, Anri

It is dream



It is Girl with a smile

Young girl, it is said




puryumu ໒꒱

Sweetfish, yuyumero

Check, all










Margin, usamaru





rukori, rize




★★Song pro LIVE★★

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The opening: 13, 00

The start: 13:30

Venue: Akihabara P.A.R.M.S

Ticket: 1,500 yen (with brochure)

(it costs drink 500 yen separately at 1 at entrance)

Sale date: Sunday, October 22, 2017 9:30 ...

Release place: @home shop

※There are not purchase restrictions of ticket, but vote, please note that one vote becomes only for per person.

※We plan release of today's ticket (1,500 yen), but decide the number of issuance by the number of the visitors on the day. In the case of sellout, thank you for your understanding.


<product sales information>

We perform goods sale in venue until opening - curtain.

Until from 13:00 to 13:20, member takes booth, too.

We sell during the start, but there is not sale after the curtain.

◆Bromide A set (eight pieces of set /1, 600 yen (tax-included))

#happiipurannaa (aiku, dirt phosphorus, Anri, walnut, dream)

With a smile Girl (young girl, it is said)

rokiti (rokiti)


◆Bromide B set (eight pieces of set /1, 600 yen (tax-included))

puryumu ໒꒱ (we check sweetfish all, yuyumero)

rukorize (rukori, rize)

howarabi (usamaru, margin)



◆Bromide C set (unit meeting six pieces set /1, 200 yen (tax-included))

#happiipurannaa with a smile Girl, rokiti,

puryumu ໒꒱, rukorize, howarabi


◆ Trading acrylic key ring (all 16 kinds of 700 yen (tax-included))

※It becomes sale in random.




Song pro PR LIVE

Friday, October 27 

Holding time: Place held at 22:00 at - about 22:30: The fifth floor of the @home cafe head office

Casts unit: rukorize, it is Girl, howarabi with a smile


Friday, November 10

Holding time: Place held at 21:45 at - about 22:15: The fifth floor of the @home cafe head office

Casts unit: #happiipurannaa, puryumu ໒꒱


Friday, November 17

Holding time: Place held at 21:45 at - about 22:15: The fifth floor of the @home cafe head office

Casts unit: It is Girl, puryumu ໒꒱, rokiti with a smile


Friday, November 24

Holding time: Place held at 22:00 at - about 22:30: @home cafe AKIBA Store 6F

Casts unit: rukorize, # happiipurannaa, rokiti, howarabi





@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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