☆★☆News of the 15th attogumi Darts meeting holding☆★☆


☆★☆News of the 15th attogumi Darts meeting holding☆★☆



Jump out of mansion

We will always enjoy with different atmospheres♪


The 15th!

We hold Darts meeting☆


Please compete for the score first place in all 20 teams which assumed one participation maid Captain!


Wonderfully! Prize is presented to Captain, each member in team which encroached upon high rank★


Darts experienced person will enjoy inexperienced person noisily, too



By your hand, please lead team to championship‼

Aim; @home cafe Darts No, 1!


As for Darts meeting, this time becomes the last meeting in year! 

We wait for participation of everybody!



[the date and time]

Sunday, November 5 from 13:00 to 15:00


Tokyo certain Darts space


8,000 yen (with + light meal all-you-can-drink for two hours)


60 people

※In the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery


[participation member]

Oh, we go






We can do and see














It is Eri






















All the teams and set dekachieki which we photographed of all the maids

Two pieces of solo tickets which is usable at & store


●Runner up●

All the teams and set check that we photographed of all the maids

One piece of solo ticket which is usable at & store


●The third place●

One piece of solo ticket which is usable at store


●Prize for participation●

To master who participated, young lady


We present sorochieki of captain at team as prize for participation☆


[about check photography during event]

*We sell check ticket. Unit option becomes available together

chiekichiketto one piece 600 yen

dekachiekichiketto one piece 800 yen

chiekichiketto three pieces set 1,500 yen

dekachiekichiketto three pieces set 2,000 yen


puremiamuchiekichiketto one piece 800 yen

puremiamudekachiekichiketto one piece 1,000 yen

puremiamuchiekichiketto three pieces set 2,000 yen

puremiamudekachiekichiketto three pieces set 2,500 yen


chiekichiketto becomes available as optional ticket.

Photography with premium maid, please use ticket for premium maid.


*There becomes no drawing such as dates. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


[application method]

 Apply from this application form


※Application receptionist becomes ... at 18:00 on Thursday, October 5


(2)The name (reading kana)

(3)Return name

(4)E-Mail address

(5)Phone number

(6)Whose team do want to enter among the attogumi members mentioned above; (for one person)?

(7)When it leaks out to team lottery of maid you like

By team of other maids [in hope of participation] or [decline]


 ※(7)Maid when [we hope] was chosen cannot be specified and.

※For one visitor, it is said that application is to one share.

When we take as plural application, we may cancel application.

Thank you for your understanding beforehand. 


[reception desk period]

Application period: Until Thursday, October 5 18:00 - Thursday, October 12 23:59

※In the case of a lot of applicants, we should draw lots


[successful announcement]

Toward the elected candidate, it is the future

We contact by email.

※As we may not receive by domain designation, mail-filter

I would like setting to receive.

※We contact over telephone only when we report, and email does not come.


In the case of application from text message address,

Domain designated cancellation does not go well and

As it is often said that we do not get confirmation that filter works, and email does not reach

We recommend free mail addresses such as Gmail


Which team will this one championship be?♪

Please expect★



※By instruction from Darts meeting place besides

From carry-on of food and drink and visitor for maid

As act to present food and drink is prohibited

Please cooperate.

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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