seasonal event 2017 October "HALLOWEEN 2017" is held♪

We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe.




Master, young lady gives great popularity to

Halloween season did it this year☆

@In home cafe

Until from Sunday, October 1 to Tuesday, October 31

@home cafe seasonal event 2017 October


We hold this☆




①Maid trading card HALLOWEEN 2017 Ver.

From Sunday, October 1 to Tuesday, October 31

It is one piece by the use more than 2,200 yen (tax-excluded) about 1 return per person

We present maid trading card!




[target period]

From Saturday, October 1, 2016 to Monday, October 31

[campaign contents]

During period, use amount of money 2,200 yen (tax-excluded) of one in one visit is the above

We present one piece of maid trading card.

We cannot usually have you choose Cards,

Only for master who is higher than by the weekday use and silver Cards, young lady

We can have you choose favorite one piece!



All 30 kinds


hitomi, Chimu, aiku, aruka, collar, kuroko, it can be said, and we see, and it is said,

Spin tsukihi, and let vomit, mizukin, mirukii, reona, renachi

(head office 4F)

Walnut, kohane. Mozuku

(head office 5F)

Dirt phosphorus, kapure, retasu

(head office 6F)

shushu, rize, rukori

(head office 7F)

Smell Izumi, urufu; Tiger


Sweetfish, fuwaru, yuyumero


[Cards distribution store]

・Three description of head office 4F ... premium maid 15 + top 4F maids

・Three description of head office 5F ... premium maid 15 + top 5F maids

・Three description of head office 6F ... premium maid 15 + top 6F maids

・Three description of head office 7F ... premium maid 15 + top 7F maids

・Description of donki shop ... premium maid 15 + top donkimeido three



(1) When it is plurally used and settles account in a mass, only that use amounts of money per one exceed 2,200 yen (tax-excluded) becomes a target of handing over.

(2) Purchased amount of event ticket to sell in "@home cafe" does not become a target of campaign.




②Costume play day

In the following schedule

Maid waits on table by Halloween costume play♪

 Tuesday, October 24 from 11:00 to 22:00 @home cafe head office 4F

Wednesday, October 25 from 11:00 to 22:00 @home cafe head office 5F

Thursday, October 26 from 11:00 to 22:00 @home cafe head office 7F

Monday, October 30 from 11:00 to 22:00 @home cafe head office 6F

Tuesday, October 31 from 11:00 to 22:00 @ Don quijote Store

※As there was mistake in schedule, we made modifications.



We sell greeting card set of Halloween Koss D-limited☆

Halloween Koss D-limited!

Greeting card set

2,100 yen (tax-excluded)


・Favorite soft drink

・Maid and check shooting

・Greeting card with sorochieki of maid

※It becomes offer only for Halloween Koss day.

※It becomes in a limited quantity.




③Costume play Day-limited tattoo seal present★

In store during Halloween costume play Day holding

@To all of you that you came with disguise (you OK even one point) as home cafe,

We present original tattoo seal♡

As it is attached with water easily in shop,

We can just go out to town to play☆


Contents various @ hoo - muno Halloween (m ▼ w ▼) m

We wait for all the maids♡♡

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.12.15 02:21:56
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2017.12.14 22:48:42
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Her who discovered pretty thing when we looked around shops by way of walk as we were absent good evening...

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