★@The fifth floor of the home cafe head office & donki shop Anniversary Fair★


We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe♪


@In commemoration of open anniversary of each home cafe store

"Store open memory-limited ramika"

We sell for a limited time.


What is released this time applies to premium maid, all each store maid.


 The second…


★@The fifth floor of the home cafe head office & donki shop Anniversary Fair★


■Product information■

[brand name] Store open memory-limited ramika

[price] One piece of 200 yen (tax-excluded)

[sale period] From Saturday, August 5, 2017 to Monday, August 14

[sale place] The fifth floor of the head office, donki shop


※1.ramika of store maid applies to maid becoming this position during period.

※2.Premium maid can purchase at native place store.

※3.It is random purchase system not to be able to choose at the time of the purchase.

※4.Please note that you sell ramika of each store only at the store.
※5.It becomes the end as soon as we disappear even if during period. Please approve beforehand.



■Target maid■

☆The fifth floor of the head office☆

Oh, we go

 Oh, dirt phosphorus, akyamero, akechi, Anri,

In Ilya, rice dumpling covered with bean jam, rice cake, kana kapure, heart,

Amber, shiitake, sharo, violet comply, Neta,

nemuko, hatsune, flower, hinako, pinkii, fua,

mai, sunfish, mikko, meteru, mochita,

rapan, rapuchii, ramune which are dream plus peach,

risu, rita, runa, retasu, Lloyd's, cotton


 ☆Don Quijote Store☆

hitomi, it is said

 We give birth and we obtain and see and are bean, kachu, kanipan, art,

Thing and others, kobato, koyoi, coating, pomegranate which are thing,

Check sapi, bookmark, shukure, Princess Sarah, chitose,

harachan where chiroru, tenri, bakitan become dull,

pino, bibi, fuwaru, peony, the paralysis maro,

mika, all, miyoshii, mint, Mary who see, and say,

Megumi, momoa, momochii, floor, yuyumero, yurari,

ranna, Rie, ribon, phosphorus or lapis lazuli, reto



At this opportunity, please use @home cafe.

We look forward to many returns.



[opening memorial day]

The July 16 AKIBA Store 6F tenth anniversary

The July 18 AKIBA Store 4F ninth anniversary

The fifth floor of the August 8 Head Office second anniversary

The August 14 donki shop thirteenth anniversary

The November 3 AKIBA Store 7F twelfth anniversary




The third detailed nitsukimashiha,

We will tell some other time.

Wait a minute.




[the third plan]


From Saturday, October 29 to Sunday, November 6


◆Target store◆

AKIBA Store 7F


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