Request of transfer with certificate renewal of master


We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe.


From Friday, July 14, 2017

@We renew "certificate of home cafe of master"!


By interlocking movement with smartphone application, it becomes fun more usefully♡

Please use with application! 



Therefore, I'm sorry to trouble very much

I would like transfers from certificate of master you have to new Cards now.


Certificate transfer place

@home shop


Transfer enforcement period

The end of Friday, July 14, 2017 11:30 - May, 2018


※@We cannot transfer our work at home cafe store.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but come to @home shop.




<transfer procedure>

①DL does "@ hoo - mu application", and please subscribe.

 ※We would like DL of application from this. Application delivery plans about 9:00 on July 14.

②@In home shop, please show WEB member information confirmation screen and old certificate you have.

(person having ※ several certificate take all the certificates possessing.)

③@We advance from hoo - mu application left upper menu to "member information confirmation screen",

Please show displayed QR cord.

③Point is transferred to new Cards, and new certificate corresponding to possession point of master, young lady is issued.

 We show around detailed procedure in @home shop.


※In the case of rank up, sign-in is necessary for silver Cards from transfer of certificate of master, bronze Cards by all means.

※Member account becomes issuance only for one per person. Person having plural certificates becomes form to have plural certificates enroll in one account.

※When the use of plural accounts was found out, we delete all member information.

※We cannot add up point at the time of transfer even if you have plural certificates.

 When you have plural certificates, we hand new certificate of the number of certificates.

※Of certificate there is not change to ranking.

※Person who does not have smartphone cannot do use of application.

 You have you access from PC Internet page, and please subscribe using your e-mail address.

 Specifically, we explain at @home shop store.




<certificate new feature, contents for change of <newly master>>


①It becomes smartphone application "@ hoo - mu application" interlocking movement type!

The following function comes to be usable when we link application.

1) Even if lose certificate, reissue is enabled (1,000 yen suffers regardless of rank reissue fee uniformly separately)

2) The fun function deployment that trophy can get by taking a ceremonial photograph, game confrontation, event participation with maid♡

3) Maid waiting on table in real time can confirm (is function of limitation more than silver Cards)

Please confirm this about "@ hoo - mu application" 


②When we rank as than silver Cards and improve, sign-in is necessary.


③Person having former Cards needs change to new Cards.

We can use former Cards until the end of May, 2018,

Thereafter, we cannot use.

We subscribe by time limit, and I would like change to new Cards.

Design of new Cards does not change until now.


④Bronze Cards for exclusive use of young lady is born♡

Pink Cards for exclusive use of young lady comes up to bronze Cards.

We hand thing like certificate of master after silver Cards.









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