This summer, @17 restart!

We release 1st single "co-co-rokyarameru" last year

We appeared in TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2016 for three days

@Maid unit from home cafe
"@ 17" ("attosebuntin")
But, we will restart‼
Activity of last year until TIF2016 casts was for a limited time,
We pick member after having performed audition newly this time
We are active in earnest!
All the members are maids of "@home cafe"♪
Member chosen after audition of 2017 is 20 people!
We aim at participation to "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017" as the first aim!
This year entertainment mainly on music
We made with many artists and creators and put up
@"Magic" of fetish ... by maids of home cafe
Furthermore, let me power up
We want to send to much master, young lady♥
We tell about contents of activity as followup!
Please pay attention♪

[@ 17 member]

Oh, we go (@maid_aiku)

Dirt phosphorus (@maid_akarin)

Anri (@maid_anri)

Collar (@maid_eri)

Smell and take (@maid_kagetora)

kanipan (@maid_kanipan)

Walnut (@maid_kurumi1)

kuroko (@kuroko_0913)

Chimu (@chimu_aaa)

chiroru (@maid_chiroru)

tsukihi (@tsukihi_0605)
nono (@maid_nono)

Hatsune (@maid_Hatsune)

Miu (@maid_miu)

All phosphorus (@maid_minarin)

mozuku (@maid_mozuku)

It is dream (@maid_yumena)

rame (@maid_rame)

ruchia (@maid_ruchia)

rokiti (@maid_rokithi)

20 people (the order of the kana syllabary) in total
@Please expect 17 achievement!

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.05.29 22:19:56
Progress of the weight mamo ☆rogu mamo

We increased by 1.3 kilos at a stretch! !¤\(`⌂')/¤ reflection that overate itself in trip! Previous nigugu which goes to trip! tto...

2017.05.29 22:05:55
♡5.29 Waitperson ♡ ♡ pinkuno Princess ♡ (yuyumero)

kombanhayuyumerodesu! It was rain clothes day today! We were glad that we could meet young lady of much master though it was weekdays...

2017.05.29 21:48:52
♡purikura ♡ Oh, we are with everybody. (net)

. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎, sakunichisatsukagekaishu warinierinachantopuri...

2017.05.29 21:40:15
By the way, will terumehaitsuninattara get sterile? meteru railroad shuppa - tsu ♪ Maetel

As acted violently by the yesterday's event (remate Raoul), is muscular pain; like muscular pain relatively! We make some sterile feeling (kan...

2017.05.29 21:14:51
Thank you ‥ ♡ We dream of fuwaru ♡ enjieru ♡! + ゜ (fuwaru)

It is fuwa you want to be able to update blog to draw in fuwafuwaru - n ໒꒱⡱, and to talk now about ‥ ♡ which we wrote...

2017.05.29 21:07:33
There is no title Macaroon is ♡!! by refrigeration required (macaroon)

Is house soon because mom comes home; sho shiyarotto ...•́.̫•Nothing true assumes that ̀) this comes...

2017.05.29 20:53:29
Lot edishonno pre-4…(_;) rizeno adventure diary (rize)

We failed that page did not open out whether you set a limit to communication and made a reservation…Wow, like that like that (_;) Annoyed…We make 4 pre-preparation in normal...

2017.05.29 20:44:42
We change waitperson schedule of! pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

We have change in waitperson schedule! As we were given for waitperson rest on June 2, but site of shift hired...

2017.05.29 18:46:37
We seem to trace way same as Ieyasu Is it order harapandesuka? ? (rapan)

When supper does tempura in house which added prawns to marine products tempura bowl which we made that I hate which does not end (prawns overeating), smell of oil spreads in room...

2017.05.29 18:38:25
☆ which tries lesson hard Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

Though ww which slept heavily badly because waitperson had time until lesson that was over more slept when or does not know, to sleep...

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