★@17 ★ 1st single "summer time/ co-co-rokyarameru" release decision‼

We appreciate your always favoring @home cafe★


It is @ 17 that we were born to do service of song which is special for master, young lady

Release of 1st single was decided at last!

Sale date is Friday, August 5, 2016 of TIF1 day eye!


Title of 1st single which you should also memorialize…

"summer time/ co-co-rokyarameru"

We do in this!


"summer time" is good in summer when the sun glitters shiningly♪

We decided that we were near master at any time this summer!


It is sentimental one piece that "co-co-rokyarameru" is sweet, and is slightly slightly bitter♪

We sang the sad love time hard♥



As we are going to show in TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL2016,

Please expect★



It is almost summer soon!

We will enjoy to listen to this in summer when ... tto is hot♪




"summer time/ co-co-rokyarameru"

[sale date]

Friday, August 5, 2016

[sale place]

From Friday, August 5 to 7th Sunday TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL venue

※Privilege runs out toward the purchase in the venue mentioned above. (contents are released later)

We are going to sell in @home shop ・@ hoo - mu Web shop, @home cafe from Friday, August 5

※We plan delivery on iTunes


1,000 yen (tax-included)


M1.summer time

It is cocorokyarameru M2

M3.summer time (Instrumental)

It is cocorokyarameru (Instrumental) M4



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