@Visual book (collection of photographs) "The Maid in Wonder Land" which assumed view of the world of maid of home cafe motif was completed

@It is report for master, young lady having you favor home cafe!





Collection of photographs which assumed view of the world of maid of maid cafe "@home cafe" of Akihabara motif


"@ home cafe visual book "

"The Maid in Wonder Land"


But, it is completed!

※ Now "@home shop “ (


It is during the deo handling.





It is this visual book which active maids of "@home cafe" appear,




It depends on produce of Mr. creative Aya Gunji bow famous throughout the trade

With collection of fantasy-colored dark artistic photographs,

When is pop of existence called "maid"; non-sense of reality

We express by story makeup.


It becomes one which can thoroughly enjoy charm to the full of maids♪












In fact, ...,


People concerned with this visual book, production are ", the very luxurious members" to the people in the know.



■Producer Aya Gunji bow


We are active as freelance writer during university attendance at school more.

After graduation, we play an active part as fashion writer in magazine "ViVi".

We are engaged in foundation of a periodical of magazine "GLAMOROUS" and take office as fashion director afterwards.

We are concerned with new magazine foundation of a periodical in Conde Nast Publications Japan from 2008.

2011 "VOGUE girl" foundation of a periodical. Creative director.



■Photographer Jun Konjo


For main work soen, SPUR, ELLE, FIGARO, Giselle, PlayStation, sweet, spring, anan, sesame, mina,

Including fashion magazines such as non-no, Look!s, zekushi, Hanako, MORE,

UNITED ARROWS, BEAMS, Felissimo, catalogue, advertisements such as IENA, poster of movie,

We deal with CD jackets such as Ikimono-gakari.

In collection of photographs "TOWN IN CALM" "ATMOSPHERE" "over the silence."



■Designer Tetsuya Chihara html


Design office "remonraifu" representative.

Advertisement, the binding, fashion Blanding, genre to design including WEB vary.

Cat which lived in Laforet Harajuku, my panda, far-off summer Gogh, 1 million times for main art direction,

Collection of Leslie key photographs, Doraemon, Rinko Kikuchi web, soen, Zoff, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

As for the designer of fashion brand "HORIZONTAL BLANKING PERIOD." which featured the theme of frill again.

※It is designed long-sleeved kimono of coming-of-age ceremony of "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" that original pattern became topic recently.



Thank you very much, everyone☆






It is completion of ultimate "@home cafe" maid visual book! 

It is memorial

"@ home cafe visual book ""The Maid in Wonder Land"

Would you like to put as art book at hand by all means?☆









■The product details

 The title of a book: @ home cafe visual book "The Maid in Wonder Land"

 Sale date: Saturday, February 16, 2013

 Size of a book: B4 deformity size (all page 54)

 The list price: 2,000 yen (tax-included)

 Handling point: @home shop ( 

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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