2017.06.23 @home cafe original premium comes up to Cloud catcher!
2017.06.22 @Home cafe bromide & maid clothes resale information♪
2017.06.22 ☆★☆News of the thirteenth attogumi Darts meeting holding☆★☆
2017.06.20 Tomorrow ★★ New ‼RAIN COSTUME ★★ It is deo waitperson♪
2017.06.20 News of Friday, June 30 Head Office the fifth floor business hours change
2017.06.17 New RAIN COSTUME announcement♡
2017.06.16 @List of home cafe formula currency, "oh," exchangeable premiums
2017.06.15 New work bromide "twins coordinates" release & new product release information!
2017.06.11 New premium maid "aiku" is born!
2017.06.08 @Home cafe resale ♪ & new product information, etc.♪
2017.06.05 @Posters which we could change with paper money increased!
2017.06.02 "★ puru which the strongest tears off" appears in idol bystreet summer festival ‼ - 2017 ...♪
2017.06.01 New work bromide "Candy Rain" release & manager event information!
2017.05.31 ★★News of the 17th attogumi bowling meet holding★★
2017.05.30 Seasonal event 2017 June "Candy Rain" begins♡
2017.05.29 @News of business hours of home cafe June
2017.05.29 ♪♪♪@Limited dessert of home cafe summer♪♪♪
2017.05.25 @Home cafe resale ♪ & new product information, etc.♪
2017.05.24 @That maid comes home in home cafe!
2017.05.18 New work bromide "Lolita & princess" release & manager event information!
We give certificate of master♪ The details of certificate are this Point confirmation

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.06.25 19:08:41
⋈. ° which waitperson ends meteru railroad shuppa - tsu ♪ Maetel

While there can be thing, and event of Anri is hot ... that was waitperson for 12-18:00 today though line was great all the time; *...

2017.06.25 18:59:36
⋆It is ˚✩ these days okashinokuninokyaramerize (kyara)

Even if master, young lady untie these days carefully good evening; busy duty in kingdom (fit in recently say...

2017.06.25 18:14:22
It is fetish charge It is sushi ()

We have it sprouts and charge now! We come back to mansion at about 18:45! It is & winding shippa that failed of cutting forelock...

2017.06.25 18:11:47
moecha ☆ Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

moecha second! !Seem to change into event clothes; ...

2017.06.25 17:59:33
Sign echa ♡ renachiwarudo! Renachi

♡ renachi ٩(◦`꒳'◦)۶ which returns to sign echa ♡18:10

2017.06.25 17:21:49
okyu! ・+. First tone thought, +. Hatsune

Forget young lady of master, smartphone that thank you for good-bye serving today; and selfie...

2017.06.25 17:19:47
Three months Ribbon. Institute for love -Laboratory of love affairs- (lapis lazuli)

It has been hello ☻ yesterday…It was Ribbon for three months! Three months pass from the already first waitperson and are better...

2017.06.25 16:34:29
Waitperson desu pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

It is +..: ... revolution ♡o where waitperson goes to *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *pinkii Twitter (@maid_pinky)♡@ ho...

2017.06.25 16:29:13
**♡ ** which we bought for present mizu kingdom mizukin

Big Sui car! Is red, and seem to be delicious (゜¬゜ *); mizukin

2017.06.25 15:42:08
Mellow blog * We dream of fuwaru ♡ enjieru ♡! + ゜ (fuwaru)

‥ (tsu '꒳'c) ‥ (tsu '꒳'c) mysterious sense ‥ that we relax that we are absent fuwafuwaru - n ໒꒱⡱ today...

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