2017.10.17 ★@home cafe AKIBA Store 7F Anniversary Fair★
2017.10.13 Song project 2017 start!
2017.10.12 @Home cafe resale ♪ & new product information, etc.♪
2017.10.11 [partial change] News of @home cafe October business hours change
2017.10.05 New work bromide "autumn of sports" release & manager event information!
2017.10.04 ☆★☆News of the 15th attogumi Darts meeting holding☆★☆
2017.09.29 ★★Halloween manager event holding!★★
2017.09.29 Apology about TEAM pure heart premium ticket and report
2017.09.28 @Home shop resale ♪ & new product information, etc.♪
2017.09.28 @News of business hours of home cafe October
2017.09.26 seasonal event 2017 October "HALLO WEEN 2017" is held♪
2017.09.21 New work bromide "China" release & manager event information!
2017.09.21 ★★News of the 19th attogumi bowling meet holding★★
2017.09.21 Cloud catcher @home cafe premium addition!
2017.09.21 "TEAM pure heart LIVE2017" on the verge of holding latest & information to review!
2017.09.16 Tomorrow ★★ RAIN COSTUME ★★ It is deo waitperson♪
2017.09.14 @Home shop resale ♪ & new product information, etc.♪
2017.09.13 @17 3rd single release decision ★ We hold in store event in HMV★
2017.09.12 "Seventeen parfait" of @ 17 is broadcasted in FamilyMart of the whole country!
2017.09.08 "It is attosebunti - bi - Live YouTube live program!" Delivery decision
We give certificate of master♪ The details of certificate are this Point confirmation

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.10.18 02:11:32
♡10.17♡ Oh, we are with everybody. (net)

+ ❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎ ・. +❤ฺ︎ ・. ❤ฺ︎, *'꒳` which was waitperson yesterday in from 14:00 to 21:00 (no)...

2017.10.18 01:57:59
2017.10.18-2 Mint + smile = shiawasehappi (mint)

We want to go to few town somehow. We are all right anywhere. We want to merely wander around town not to know. Though thought of tte; mi...

2017.10.18 00:17:09
Glee ⤴︎︎︎⤴︎︎⤴︎︎︎ pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

The LOL yunibano glee best that minion is seriously pretty on day when much character and greetings were possible today....

2017.10.17 23:29:19
♪*・Dish ・* slow on off day ♪ Large adventure report of koala ☆ (koala)

Young lady koala of master was closed today. It is lacking not to be able to meet, but write report; and the master...

2017.10.17 23:22:07
(ω, tsu) 3 chisahoinohoitto visit chu (chisahoi)

powawan chisahoidesunokyohaokyudeshita where good evening (((, ω)))! totemomattaridattawayo ... (⌒▽⌒)...

2017.10.17 23:16:12
There is no title Macaroon is ♡!! by refrigeration required (macaroon)

Waitperson was over! We came to meet young lady arigato macaroon of master who came to meet...

2017.10.17 22:13:10
♡Sherry May ♡ ・+. First tone thought, +. Hatsune

Master, young lady, birthday when thank you for good-bye serving today...

2017.10.17 22:12:40
**sutakorasassa! ** mizu kingdom mizukin

We went for bromide photography ♪ Only as for some forelocks, it is setsu ttatsumorigachinchikurinninatteshimatta! (laugh) is early...

2017.10.17 20:54:01
It is help ... before rice Fiery zeal of Ilya ☆Ascetic practices diary! Iliya

Because a lot of All-Rounder is seen ... that folded laundry while seeing on TV recently; what is * shiindaa - next?...

2017.10.17 20:32:45
10/17 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

As inner substitute for color and blonde hair who dyed hair attracted attention today good evening (ᐢ.̫.ᐢ); there red...

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