Question about shop: Answer

Difference of each store?

@home cafe has 5 stores of head office 4F, head office 5F, head office 6F, head office 7F, donki shop now. Contents do not have difference, but interior is different from maid waiting on table each. You see entrance, and it is come home, or, to see atmosphere of interior and the waiting situation of each shop, which cafe would you like to decide to?

Is there not photograph in shop of each store?

We can see from introduction of store of homepage. For more information:

System of certificate (reward card) of master?

@As proof of being master of home cafe, we issue "certificate of master" to all master. In the case of return after the second, please bring this Cards by all means. Level of master goes up by 1 whenever we come home. To master who reached constant level, we prepare for present from us and new service. For more information:

Is certificate (reward card) of master free?

Of course it is free. In addition, we may not have personal information.

Can only woman enter with children?

Of course. As for the @home cafe, a lot of young ladies come, too. In addition, various discount, please come to daughter of an upper class family to play in families son as it becomes application. (about discount this)

Do you do it on stage what it is?

[fun society] We perform show that to is invited to. As for the contents, [fetish fetish rock, paper, scissors meet] or [birthday meeting of master] [mini-live] vary! We hold by burst every day.

Can it travel seat in store?

As a general rule, we have you refrain from movement of seat, but may ask from this at the time of congestion.

Why does it cost admission?

@Home cafe becomes amusement facilities which held formality of cafe not just cafe. When we place maids (waitress) more than normal restaurant, and there is various communication at the time of waiting on customers, you can enjoy entertainment element which you cannot experience by daily life. For such a value-added offer, we have admission (service charge). We are happy if you can use for sense to go out to pretty good theme park going to to eat and drink to play. (look at this about admission.)

Do you have one's seat gain maid all the time?

As maid must serve for all master, the ladies, only identification is not accompanied. But we fly immediately if you can hang voice on order♪

Can maid providing dish appoint?

As she wants you to regard communication as maids as many as possible, maid at the time of offer cannot be chosen.

What is it that there is difference in drawing of check of taking a ceremonial photograph by person?

Certificate of master does pretty drawing that hand was crowded than usual more to master who is higher than Golden Card, young lady. @ It is privilege only for regular customer of home cafe!

Ingredients which we use for dish? (allergic etc)

Please confirm ingredients (including allergy) to maid.

Business hours?

Please see this

Is credit card usable?

VISA Cards, MasterCard, JCB Cards, ginren Cards are available.
In addition, Suica, PASMO, Edy, iD, the handling of electronic money such as QUICPay reach, too.

We see scene forming a line well to the outside, is there not crowded time?

Please see this

Question about maid: Answer

How many maids are there?

@Approximately 180 people in all 5 home cafe stores are registered. (as of August, 2013) Specifically, to this

How many is the number of age of maid?

This…. Please ask maid directly! Of rumor (!) That "answer" comes back♪

Where does maid go from?

We come to waitperson in @home cafe from various stars and countries ♪ Please ask direct maid a question individually as you are different. ☆Introduce even profile; and Masuyo ☆ For more information:

Is handshake possible with maid?

Act to conflict with maids basically is prohibited without being limited to handshake.

Can you photograph other than the maid?

If maid can give voice cliff to, it becomes only photograph of dish if photography is OK.

Though we want to hand present, may we hand to maid directly?

As for the present to maid, the administration staff checks the contents beforehand.
Give the administration staff who is in store by all means for voice before handing present.
You can hand to target maid directly if judged not to have any problem by the staff.
In addition, the following present cannot do receiving.

・Overall expensive thing (regardless of purchase price, we are like exceeding 10,000 yen as value of thing)
 ※@We remove thing selling in home cafe
・Cash, gold note, commemorative coin, discount coupon, coupon
・Food, drink
・Pharmaceutical products
・Sanitary protection (oral article including toothbrush, sanitary products, underwear, emergency article, contact article)
・Big thing which we cannot take to go is heavy
・Your letter

Receptionist becomes available only for mail about your letter.
We send to the person after contents confirmation if you can send at the following.

1-11-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo mitsuwabiru the third floor
"It is addressed person in charge of @home cafe fan letter maid name ○○"

At the time of live, is it OK to give flower for meeting place?

All right. As you display in meeting place, see to live meeting place directly.

About kind of Ribbon of maid

Premium maid

Live and talent are active maids. As we are very popular, we wait for return of master, young lady at various store where position of store grieves at♪

We can do and see
Store position maid
New face maid

What should I do to meet premium maid?

We disclose waitperson information by information. For more information:

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