Event on January 07, 2018

"It is art" Graduation memory manager event

@In home shop
In commemoration of "kotsume graduation" on January 14
Maid performs limited goods sale directly at store
"kotsume manager event"
We hold this!



kotsume manager


[the date and time]
Sunday, January 7, 2018
From 15:00 to 16:00


@home shop
※We sell in online shop only in event time!


[product lineup]

(1) Limited bromide set

2,000 yen (tax-included 2,160 yen)
Special bromide which is full of private Shot not to show in everyday bromide!
<product contents>
L size bromide ten pieces set



(2) Limited file & chiekisetto

3,150 yen (tax-included 3,402 yen)
Maid wrote a new for this event
Of message & illustration full loading
It is chiekifairu, photoalbum

<set contents>

・Limited chiekifairu (design with handwriting message)

・Limited photoalbum (design with handwriting message)

・Take; grated sorochieki

・Take; grated dekasorochieki



(3) Limited tapestry

4,650 yen (tax-included 5,022 yen)

※It is build-to-order manufacturing sale


<product specifications>

Vertical 90cm✕ 40cm in width



(4) Can badge

Two set 500 yen (tax-included 540 yen)
※It becomes sale only for store.



[store purchase privilege]
All over the event holding time
@hoo buys product at mu shop store; toward the request
With check shooting privilege with manager maid

①It is purchase more than 2,500 yen
We photograph check with one maid

②It is purchase more than 5,000 yen
sorochieki shooting of maid alone
It is check shooting X 2 with one maid

[method for purchase]
Come to @home shop store at holding time.
In addition, we do limit WEB sale before holding time.
@hoo - mu online shop

(1) We close a shop for preparations at one time from 30 minutes before event start.
(2) When it is closing time on event end of time, we should just finish business on the day.


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