Event of February 29, 2016

"m@id♡loid" CD reservation event



Of "m@id♡loid" which won in song pro LIVE of 2015

We hold CD reservation event!


To master whom he/she supported in song pro LIVE, young lady

Let me tell about feeling of thanks from members of "m@id♡loid" some other time


CD jacket of "m@id♡loid" to be worried about is this!

By event of new song show for the first time, and do handing over of reservation privilege!


Flow of detailed event, please identify this★

Report of 20:30 greetings - release
20:40 reservation acceptance start
21:30 (the last entrance time)
The 21:45 reservation reception desk end
21:50 new song announcement♪
It is going to be finished at 22:00

As it becomes various events

We wait for participation by all means♪



—Information of reservation privilege is this!—


★★All limited bromide ten kinds★★

About one piece of reservation of CD, we hand all ten kinds of bromides one piece in random.

*It becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

[the date and time]

Monday, February 29, 2016

From 20:30 to 22:00



@AKIBA Store 4F


[participation method]

Come to meeting place (AKIBA Store 4F) at 20:30.

We can enter on the way, but the last walk-in is 21:30.



*We accept handing over of product at @home shop store after sale date of March.

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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