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Friday, December 01
[we see fin & ... pyon] 1st Anniversary event - fimpyon peacefully ♡ of the first anniversary
Saturday, December 02
MOMOA Thank you, is near heart Graduation event -; and ...
"meteru" graduation memory manager event
hitomi Manager event of the thirteenth anniversary
Sunday, December 03
[rukori & rize] Birthday event - rukorizeha level rose! ...
manbou 3rd Anniversary event - welcome to tokyo manbou land ...
Friday, December 08
[choro] Birthday event ... new 17 years old ☆Make hoo! die which want to kill; pine ...
Saturday, December 09
Maetel Please be careful about missing that is the Graduation event - meteru railroad last train; ...
"ponzu" Manager event of the first anniversary
Sunday, December 10
[chisahoi] Is it 1st Anniversary event - hempokorin Festival? ...
[peony] Birthday event - flower great chance! ...
Friday, December 15
[matcha & miyachi] 1st Anniversary event - kanshao present ♡
Saturday, December 16
[ponzu] 1st Anniversary event - pompompopopompopon
"Christmas manager" all are rokiti, too
Sunday, December 17
[killer whale] Graduation event - retirement game ...
"mikko" Manager event of the first anniversary
Wednesday, December 20
[the fifth floor of the head office] Xmas Koss day
Thursday, December 21
[AKIBA Store 4F] Xmas Koss day
Friday, December 22
orihime Because it is the 4th Anniversary event - end of the year, let's make red and white clear! ...
[AKIBA Store 6F] Xmas Koss day
Saturday, December 23
hitomi 13th Anniversary event
"Christmas manager" new quail
[AKIBA Store 7F] Xmas Koss day
Sunday, December 24
[& collar which is net] It is ♡ happiibasudi ♡ at Birthday event ... sacred night
Of one of "Christmas manager"
[the third floor of the head office] Xmas Koss day
Monday, December 25
Don Quijote Store Xmas Koss day
Tuesday, December 26
[we do a little] Even on Birthday event - birthday! iimitai! ...
Wednesday, December 27
[pat] Melody ... greatest in 1st Anniversary event ... or ... to pat ♪ ...
Thursday, December 28
[mikko] 1st Anniversary event - mikko super change ...
Friday, December 29
[shushu] It is ... 1st Anniversary event - shushushunen
Saturday, December 30
[yuyumero] Birthday event - # yuyumerosanda dzo
Sunday, December 31
RAMUNE Graduation event - 1,308 days Thanksgiving Day! We see, and is red-and-white yorimoramune graduation ceremony full Chan in same kana? ...

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.12.15 02:21:56
Disappear Magic to become maid cutting seriously reona

♡It is +..: o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *Though it does not matter, we make mistake of drawing of check in person of pole...

2017.12.15 01:50:40
No title ♡ hanapyonnohoppe ♡ (flower)

River rock ... tomorrow when must sleep soon that is, and is boredom for snacks! ‪♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡twitter: @maid_hana♡...

2017.12.15 01:30:13
It is ꙳ closed ☪︎* Macaroon is ♡!! by refrigeration required (macaroon)

Because we practiced okirenakunatchaukaraneyopponzusanno event, you may be tired a little, and sleep and grow so...

2017.12.15 01:18:48
**Tomorrow is ♡ ** mizu kingdom mizukin

Because date changed, is it today? (15th) when practiced in ♡♡ studio which held matcha & miyachino event in 6F...

2017.12.15 00:45:24
At night Is it order harapandesuka? ? (rapan)

We change on date that was over when we idle around on 1st (disabled person) and are the shortest waitperson from opening today on Friday, December 15! Weekday...

2017.12.14 23:07:02
okyuokyuokyu Fiery zeal of Ilya ☆Ascetic practices diary! Iliya

Tomorrow haokyujiarundazooo! !We somewhat make feeling after a long absence? Imagination? ? It is RAS from the early afternoon...

2017.12.14 23:03:51
⤴︎⤴︎ which has bought clothes on Koss day pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

If we say what to be able to wear on Christmas Koss day it is, and any kind of ... which is clothes swings, find guy pretty very much...

2017.12.14 22:56:49
♡12/14 waitperson ♡ rionenoyukidaruma (rione)

It is ... good evening! When ... and others do more snacks rionedesu ❄ today! It was waitperson on the third floor of the head office! Came home;...

2017.12.14 22:56:48
14th waitperson diary * Magic girl sui * burogu Sui

It is waitperson diary on 14th. For 14 days, it was waitperson in 6F from 11:00 to 18:00! We met girl of company accidentally...

2017.12.14 22:48:42
12/14 banira, waitperson gambanira ♡ Vanilla

Her who discovered pretty thing when we looked around shops by way of walk as we were absent good evening...

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