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Saturday, August 05
[we go to and others] A lot of Graduation event - happiness, full ...
"yuano" Manager event commemorative on birthday
Sunday, August 06
[the paralysis] 1st Anniversary event - paralysis sputum fantasy ♡ ...
Manager event of the first anniversary of "yuyumero"
Monday, August 07
[roa] Birthday event - roaha - adult - ♩ ...
Wednesday, August 09
[head office the fifth floor] @ Live petit
Friday, August 11
[yuano] Birthday event - yuanochanno honey hunting ...
Saturday, August 12
[Chimu] Birthday event
Renachi Manager event of the third anniversary
"Summer vacation's manager" measures up; retasu
Sunday, August 13
[yuyumero] 1st Anniversary event - yuyumeronimeromero ♡ ...
Yukihime Good-bye it is ... Graduation event ...
"Summer vacation manager" all phosphorus
Monday, August 14
"Summer vacation manager" rukori, kapure
Tuesday, August 15
"Summer vacation manager" sweetfish, roman, shushu
Friday, August 18
[when ito & mew] It is ... between 1st Anniversary event - heavens and world of Satan
Saturday, August 19
Renachi 3rd Anniversary event
HAKASE Manager event commemorative on & birthday of the ninth anniversary
The 18th attogumi bowling meet
Sunday, August 20
moneka Graduation event - shipment festival! As he/she gets tired, we already go…...
Wednesday, August 23
Don Quijote Store @ LIVE Petit
Saturday, August 26
HAKASE It is Show in Birthday & 9th Anniversary event ... tsu kya Night to enjoy! ...
eri Manager event of the second anniversary
Sunday, August 27
[kyara & bean-jam-filled wafers] 2nd Anniversary event
Thursday, August 31
orihime Secret door ... of Mr. Birthday event - Kanda and pretty student

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

2017.08.19 19:56:41
It was after a long absence, and heart did bikuu by thunderstorm Fiery zeal of Ilya ☆Ascetic practices diary! Iliya

Gee, was surprised ...;, wow! !! ... which was going to actually go to see fireworks display with mom today. kedo...

2017.08.19 19:32:52
Temporary shop! shurino teatime (shuri)

Good evening! !kyu shiburiniburogu! !When we actually began blog, we update once a day! to is determined...

2017.08.19 19:31:28
okyuowa *\(^o^)/* airanootayori (aira)

It was waitperson in donki shop today! We were very glad that we could meet young lady of much master...

2017.08.19 19:29:08
It is today ☆Happy earth geek life ☆ (buy)

We work as Kaede good evening. It was the open shortest today! As we forgot to oversleep, and to surround hair, it was twin again,...

2017.08.19 19:14:18
kyushishu! ferisuno sebudeta! (ferisu)

... which waitperson ended! Because we went to pa to wait for in dash while it is pouring, shoes wait even for (laugh) which does not function...

2017.08.19 18:41:31
**Sign echa ♡ ** mizu kingdom mizukin

As for today's meals rice, curry hamburger steak ♡ curry is slightly spicy;, as for ♡♡ this best, affinity with hamburger steak is rice mud...

2017.08.19 18:05:39
moecha ☆ Activity diary of idol dirt phosphorus (dirt phosphorus)

moechadesu! Thank you, person coming to meet! We come back in 33 minutes! !Of Lunce of mom, besides...

2017.08.19 17:41:22
Plan is out of order meteru railroad shuppa - tsu ♪ Maetel

It is G in washroom which was going to swim in facilities in neighborhood after we come home, but is not open...

2017.08.19 16:56:41
We enter pinkiirando revolution ♡! (pinkii)

Waitperson is +..: soon revolution ♡o needing *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *pinkii Twitter (@maid_pinky)♡...

2017.08.19 16:06:34
Sign echa ♡ renachiwarudo! Renachi

♡ ヽ (* ゜∀゜ *) no renachi ٩(◦`꒳'◦)۶ which returns as we changed into event clothes

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