It is (ᐢ.̫.ᐢ) good evening 
We dyed hair todayimage00_13.gif
As inner substitute for color and blonde hair attracted attention
We had you put red thereimage02_12.gif
Purplish red feels that we hold up against the sunimage04_17.gif
By the way, visually just raven-black hairimage05_17.gif
But ~ which we like super!
It is the head of I hair,
We still think that it is medium,
Because it is half-finished length now
It is the middle extending
Heart is broken and wants to cutimage07_10.gif
If we say tte
Already long! He/she said tte and was heated!
Actual feeling did not spring out at all,
If we have you show back figure in mirror,
Oh! mecha lengthens! ttenatta (laugh)
It is aim ... to stretch out to navel!
When he/she shampoos his/her hair,
Is it head massage? Then there is not,
With root of some scalp or neck
He/she presses and massages,
It is said that going down is elaborate and
We were serious, or ... (i _ i) became
Slightly before,
If a cold goes down and we have a pain in whole body and go to hospital,
It is said that we come to have a pain because it is stoop that posture has bad and
... yearns so for chi and
We sometimes turned shoulder
Effect is never given (i _ i); (laugh)
To be frank, we did not think that oneself had a stiff shoulder possibly and,
We did not think that it was stoop and,
In the first place as for the shoulder of person that there is not stiff shoulder
Because we have not touched
Let me touch! !
Let me compare! !! !toiu feelingimage08_9.gif
We want to repair in the stoop truth,
... (ᐢ.̫.ᐢ) which does not feel like being cured
It is stoop, and is it winding shoulder? Start,
From unreasonable health or sea bream
So that posture beautifulness becomes; gancho ro ~
\(˙-˙)/ which we thought of
The seventh-floor older brother decorative collar Lela Micah
We seem to appear from 28th!
It is point still more,
zehihiki itene ...
[banira image09_10.gifweek schedule]
16 Monday
17 Tuesday
18 Wednesday
Waitperson is shortest on 19 Thursday
Waitperson is shortest on 20 Friday
21 Saturday
22 Sunday waitperson sign echa 1
Autumn of sportsimage10_9.gif
[Koss day]
Is it 10/26 Halloween Koss day?image12_8.gif
11/11 7F reonasan eventimage13_7.gif
Waitperson image15_2.jpg2014.12.07 ...
*⑅୨୧ banira ୨୧⑅*

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