14th waitperson diary *

It is waitperson diary on 14th.
From 11:00 to 18:00
It was waitperson in 6F!
We told that we met girl of company accidentally! !Are you not lucky at all? suiteki power infusion! We took check! !Master
Another one year is early from * that having happy birthday! !We ordered birthday card! Is meeting this time again on birthday? Master
It is said that we came from company of echo of Yaki-manju kingdom! !There is check * flock thank you state that we took with all 12 people! Group of master
It is said that smile is very difficult! !We forge facial striated muscle with effort! !It is spirit! * this year rasutochieki which shot check at na pause! Master
We liked * suiteki pose that shot check at usamimitsukete, suiteki pause very much! Coffee is black! Two gumisama of master
Gloves ...! !It is said that na check * house that we took has a lot of games! Legend of Zelda is difficult! We told recommended comic! Master
We used daily return thank you * sorochiekichiketto! !Self-conscience stage in puberty pose! (>_<) electrostatic hair! First 3F came home! Of wearing men's clothes cafe talked! Young lady
Familiar people
Young lady of master authorized by bronze Cards
suitoo master young lady who talked
We cannot write all
Thank you, we cooled return! !
Yesterday, ... that dai*jogancho risugitesui buff was great! !
nyankosense! !
nyatsumee ...! !

It is waitpersons from 11:00 to 15:00!
There was not there was nothing again until 23rd from today, taking a rest! !
We are active by last spurt this year this month! !
We do our best! !

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

January, 2018
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