Good morning ...! ོ

Attach favorite pierced earrings today 
(*'꒳`*) which goes to school
See weather forecast
? 19 degrees…Is it cold?
If we think of this and wear clothes in autumn
Gradually hot. . .
Mmm, adjustment is difficult at this time: (∩ '﹏` ∩):

Good morning - ོ

Good morning! !! ! 
As magic school begins on today, it is early riser after a long absenceimage00.gif
aaaayadaaaaaaaaaaaa (;)
We practiced haengawachanno event yesterday
My 5 times is early and works
We were like forwarding already
We look forward to gawagawa event! !! !
We make typhoon
It was not correct in the rain
Wind is such terrible; met for the first time
You are surprised at sound of thunder at midnight, and get up
You are half-asleep, and jump out of room
We were worried by margin daddy
We will do our best all day long today though it is hot!✨

okyumuka ོ

image00_17.gifIt is shortest at nightimage01_13.gif
It is waitperson in this!
We go to small face correction and manipulative treatment first!
Kaai kunaritaizo ٩(๑`^'๑)۶
It increased recently to walk as we wanted to get thinner
gancho ruzo ٩(๑`^'๑)۶

ohashirota ོ

Good morning ...image00_16.gif 
We have somewhat woken up earlyimage01_12.gif
Though we were going to do nidoshin, we cannot sleep…
As there is business to go for at night
To go in thin figure beauty treatment salon in the neighborhood
We looked for
Do you exercise if you swing expensive candy?
sho which it became feeling, and stopped this
On the other hand, we are going to make long bath
(˘ω˘) which washed bath
Kana ... which is not boiled early
... which wants to become cute

Breakfast ོ

Today's breakfast was sauryimage00_15.gif 
We love saury!
sho which is that my special ability eats fish neatlyimage02_11.gif
It is early already in autumn
It is easy to spend time in autumn
Scenery is beautiful
Rice is delicious
First enthusiast
image03_10.gifThe reduction of working hours open shortestimage04_5.gif
CA Koss dayimage05_6.gif
We send elegant air travelimage06_5.gif

ོ where bromide shooting goes to

Foot is girl todayimage00_14.gif 
It was cool the day before yesterday
In addition, it became hotimage02_10.gif
We are weak in temperature and humidity
We are beautiful and like strength of sunlight
August is another approximately two weeks, too
It is early that time passes
I am left behind

Good morning! ོ

Today from bromide shooting 
image00_13.gifAt night shortest + semicircleimage01_11.gif
dayo ...!
... which enters already as soon as it is over, and wants to do bromide
Yesterday person New Year's flower arrangement! We went for bedrock bath!
It is skin means means ₍₍◝ (● ˙꒳˙ ●) ◜₎₎ somewhat
Bedrock bath feeling chikute seems to fit inimage02_9.gif
Let's do our best all day long today!image03_9.gif

ོ where thank you for your manager event

8/19 was manager event yesterday! 
Have me speak by the first manager event
suggoi was nice
If everybody is not interested, I seem to do what
We got upset very much inwardly: (∩ '﹏` ∩):
Because we had you speak with much effort
We must let you succeed! This
We have advertised so as to be noisy. . .
(I am sorry that we are persistentimage00_12.gif)
Okay, if it begins
Than we imagined
Young lady of much master comes
It is sold out safelyimage01_10.gif
tottemo was niceimage02_8.gifimage03_8.gifimage04_4.gif
Yukata comes me! !!
If we tell about this
There are many people who wore yukata
Nice ...image08_3.gif
It was good in the summer with much effort that soup stock was enthusiastic
It was good to make manager event
Thank you very muchimage09.gifimage10_3.gif
himeno mamma dressed! !!
Re-Bonn is cute! !! !! !!
mamma is great! !
We can do anything
Not only dressing but also
If there is mamma as operation, we can wait on table in peaceimage12_3.gif
If do not welcome this time; ...image13_2.gif
In addition, you seem to be able to call for manager event
We will do our best from now on!
Thank you in advanceimage14.gif
Summer of the Heisei last
It was happy summer. . .image15.gif
Thank you very muchimage16.gif

Manager event ོ

Today is the ♡ oyatsuato last♡
And and!
It is the first manager event!image00_11.gif



Sunday, August 19 from 19:00 to 20:00


The second floor of the head office attohoo - mu Shop…


Bromide has two kinds of clothes!

On the day event is plan of yukataimage03_7.gif

We can invite even from chisel Web during holding timeimage04_3.gif


The first manager event is nice if we comeimage05_5.gif

We ask a glad favor just to come to glanceimage10_2.gif

okyumuka ② ོ

Connection polo that master gave to before!
We have been pretty…
Because we see suddenly and do not know, is it permitted? sho
Because forelock grows, and a feeling of Incaic civilization is great
We will cut soon

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