Manager event ོ

Today is the ♡ oyatsuato last♡
And and!
It is the first manager event!image00_11.gif



Sunday, August 19 from 19:00 to 20:00


The second floor of the head office attohoo - mu Shop…


Bromide has two kinds of clothes!

On the day event is plan of yukataimage03_7.gif

We can invite even from chisel Web during holding timeimage04_3.gif


The first manager event is nice if we comeimage05_5.gif

We ask a glad favor just to come to glanceimage10_2.gif

okyumuka ② ོ

Connection polo that master gave to before!
We have been pretty…
Because we see suddenly and do not know, is it permitted? sho
Because forelock grows, and a feeling of Incaic civilization is great
We will cut soon

okyumuka! ོ

Today harenoteya event ...!image00_10.gif 
At every Darts meeting or event
Existence like pretty younger sisterimage02_6.gif
We are very glad that we have you call: (∩ '﹏` ∩):image03_6.gif
We support a lotimage04_2.gif
image05_4.gifThe oyatsuato lastimage06_4.gif
moecha 18:30 ...
Let's make minnaderenoteyaoo celebration! !

ohayo! ོ

image00_9.gifThe oyatsuato lastimage01_8.gif
Early kuokyushitai!
But σ(^_^;) not to be able to pile face very much
okyushitai feeling is strong……
We want to become prettyimage03_5.gif

No title

You think of stomach suitatte, and keep changing your mind in Yurakucho 
Cute atmosphere is good!
When we thought of this and were going to enter, we were surprised to be high in menu
Even Yurakucho…Is it 2000 candies in ranch?
I thought of this, and I went on a trip in search of subway
chanchan sho

ohayo! ོ

Good morningimage00_8.gif
At night today shortest deokyudesu!
Do this morning; from mamma
My selfie so raretekitayo shosho which pointed out tsumutsumu suddenly
Will be in anything; sho
This goshokaokyoseiko ttekaranookyu
Enter already, and can do it; want to soundimage02_5.gif
New bromide will go out of 8/11 tomorrow!
Rare bromide without resaleimage05_3.gif
Can call, and is great; was glad……!
It looks like it becomes unusual atmosphere
We are glad when you can inviteimage07_3.gif
Atmospheres are always different
It does not change to be margin
We will do our best all day long todayimage11.gif

No title

We baked cookie today after timeimage00_7.gif 
... that there will be maid whom tomorrow
We will have in secretimage01_7.gif

Pleasure boat ོ

It is slightly before 
The sixth-floor maid and (*'꒳`*) which went to pleasure boat
We thought of the sixth-floor good kida ... heartily
We did not think that we could make friends so much
Maid was doing, and she was good
monjatoo preference firing all-you-can-eat!
Scallop thought vegetables whether it was professional after good flavor of cutting
shushusanhao preference firing was professional of upsetting
Eternity Lamune principles
In taking out glass marble of bottle Lamune
We feel purpose of life
There was gull
Is it all that easy mark? Is it duck?
I said this, and I was not able to have confidence toward gull
Because we are in the sea, it is gull……? ? ? sho
We were able to dress in yukata by oneself! !!
When we make try for the first time, it is well done……?
As it turned out that there was by oneself
There is yukata by manager event (*'꒳`*)
We can wear only at this time
There is…?image06_3.gif
It is a pleasureimage07_2.gif

No title

We do not have you enjoy okyunaito 
Somewhat lonely
Early kuokyushitaina!

ohayo! ོ

There is not waitperson today 
sho which dreamed where we leave maid clothes
Young lady of maid and master comes out to dream, too
deattoga becomes a big person among me
We thought of this
We want to wait on table earlyimage00_6.gif
1st when it is after a long absence today, and there is nothing
Let's relax recently because we were busyimage01_6.gifimage02_4.gif

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