Good morning (❁'ω`❁)
It is another 15:00, though
We face Parker by coordinates not to understand well called scarf today (laugh)
We brought Heat technical center for time to return!
It is cold at night ('△`)
We had you make the first magic yesterday!
Because only Wankar of straight or curling inward had done after we cut into short pieces, hair was slightly fresh!
It is half twin for outside Wings ('° ³ ° `)
Because never know arrangement of short hairstyle, variation increase want to do
We made outside Wings by self-magic today!
But feeling (laugh) to want fairy of hair make to fix properly
We go to trip in families from tomorrow!
Because is also what was planned since before having been great, comfortable shimidana ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
We ride photograph again
It seems to become only thing which we ate (laugh)
... which we put chottozutsumukashino photograph on as there are few recent photographs
Hair is long
Cat bus ฅ^ which there was when we went to Teddy Bear museum•ω•^ฅ
It was soft and fluffy♡
In this
Let's do our best well today (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
Sayuri (*Ꙭ)

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March, 2018
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