Type to hand receipt after change

We think that there is not a little opportunity to hand all receipt.
After we had rent.
Person who is not conscious well hands receipt with change.
Then it is hard to put that in the wallet (੭˙꒳˙)੭
I am informed when I do not need person not to need by type to hand after having finished putting change away when shin lungful was not crowded.
We think that feeling ninaruyone happiness happy a little rolls to simple place on day when we had such a small consideration assume that it is such a small consideration because we laid omoi
2018 that we want to live for a little more having margin because we are apt to miss it if there is not room
... that my continuation target was savings anything first
No, I cannot deposit header which I cannot but expect of the future life unreasonableness in this term in this anymore.
Use as much as pay a tribute, and there is habit if give so; eat; eat; eat.
We want to really save.
Speaking of savings, dirt phosphorus seems to be able to save properly…Though we do not seem to be conscious of person reason very much, we think that but it is great.
Though story feels like having missed badly, seem to be today before the haohirusugi last; ...
We want to be used to coexistence with info soon.
Is it minnahaitsumonoritato style shiteruritadotchigasuki?
End. And is it ... three times?
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