\ \20180213//

... which was waitperson in snacks - yorude donki shop!

"There are many donki shops recently"
I think so, too (^.^)/

Concerning the day before Valentine,
We were able to hand chokoretoto meseka!

It is crowded very much and lines up
There is not person coming to get
Mmm. Sad. . .
If we think of this
There was person who came to get.
We thought whether it was God. (no, we thank goddess who is God)

We were able to hand kichokoretoo with photograph of the face,
It is still ko tteinaidamepofinanode for shooting how
There is pofino face
I am sorry><)

Next year the next year,
You should be able to hand pofino face expression kinochokoretoo.
You should all disappear. . Feeling (acute) called this

Thank you in advance
Hand, I'll do my best! !! !!

Person who came to really meet
Thank you.

Always thank youimage01_4.gif
That reminds me it was temporary shop presentation day yesterday.
What store is it hit in?…
We throb and throb and throb and throb and throb and throb

Somewhat tense.

: (∩ '﹏` ∩):

We are going to wait on table in late February
(next is after asa - snacks for 18 days)


○° 20,180,212 degrees○

It is meal beteimasunau with strawberry! !

ICHIGO…Smell of strawberry…Bugbear virus…ro……rottsuo! !
rottsuo ...! !! !

It was waitperson in donki shop today! Don Quijote Store

By ... temoo return after a long absence,
Do taking a ceremonial photograph with me,
In addition, we come! It fits in! We said this
We were really glad that young lady came

Please come to meet expressly,
With master who did very nice report,
Young lady who came together.
Young lady can see yesterday and is always pretty with a smile
We are close from this which is healed (^.^)(^.^)!

Today's donki shop,
By BD& premium appointment event of sweetfish
It was crowded very very much. !
We think that we lined up a lot,
Thank you, master young lady who came to meet

Oh! This! We lacked in the backside of certificate.
... which has never met! !
Because there is particularly much where it is come home in donki shop
It is very early that time passes…!

There is master meeting very much for some reason at other stores,
There is master who was getting used to good friend,
Feeling (^.^) that waitperson is fun

I should think that it is much more fun all the time

We appeared for the first time today until the last (event time)
Photograph does not go up in official Twitter…(;_;)
... shosho which photograph which we asked to take is common, and pochisanto wants


There will be waitperson tomorrow.
We seem to be able to hand chocolate tomorrow…!
(as I am new face, we hand chocolate with photograph of senior)

We stop by snacks -! !
We wait for return!
We do our best on the day before Valentine



Cream stew 20180211 hamburger steak

Today's waitperson was [the third floor of the head office]

Sign chanashi to open - snacks

Sign chaganaito,
We thought whether there did not need to be cross-purposes
Was it easy to come home?
We do not know.

But even but today does not sow
Cream stew hamburger steak (provisionally) looks very delicious
We thought in sign chaganainoka question that was why
Oh, it is ... It was encounter for the first time. . . .
Chase ... that should see again; shiso - datta

We open, and there are few maids in length,
Such I appeared on fun society what.
nanananto ... is feeling.

We will dance behind even if we attend fun society.
Do not learn so much yet; do. Yes.
toka was the emergency front when we thought
You tell nifuransanni before opening,
We were able to do fun society Rebel somehow (^.^)

metcha was tense. . . sho
We were tense than for the first time waitperson. . .
guwaaaaa. . Hey, the internal organs be tightened,
We want to return. We thought of this.
But both master and young lady seemed to swell
Eyes are go wasetekurerushide, too
We were able to finish safely somehow.

As it is wrong and thinks that face was barikata
We think of dance retarana ... for just right feeling of strain on the next time.

... was event on 1 today, huh.

We try fun party hard.

There is person who came to meet today
We were glad. Wow wow!
We can tell that we are slow a lot,
We create opportunity to go to talk even if busy
After all waitperson is fun (^.^)

Oh! (though we learn, is face the name?) This
Feel that thinking one increased
Good luck sehappituinkurudesu.

Is there on day to want you to be in March?
To see Tweet called this
March is one round and round (probably) or
We think of this and it becomes deeply impressive and does not become and…

Temporary shop is decided soon.
If it is decided temporary shop, depending on store,
Possibly is there person who cannot meet?
Does person who cannot meet maid either appear?…………(;_;)
It is lacking.
But we are going to do our best at decided store.

Nothing knows yet. sho
(we do not submit notice desired yet we must do.)

There will be waitperson tomorrow

It is snacks - sign cha one time to stop at
We look forward to in mansion (^.^)(^.^)
('-`) oO (meals cream stew hamburger steak (temporary) hope).


: Of late February is going to wait on table:


X X 20180206 X X

It was waitperson in the shortest of haasa - snacks today
It was donki shop (^.^)
There is little donkimeido in particular in the morning,
It was only new face.
All right kana ...…Uneasy sho
Enter maid newly in January
We become pofiha senior. Go for it.
This having been said to fairy before incidentally
We flashed to head.
You seem to have to try pofichammotto hard
If waitperson is over; every time.
We keenly realize horror of senior.
You must get a grip more…! !
Oh, story of midsummer and blog
As we did for an instant, we are writing now. sho
We purchased "bun*kai" at last…!
Want to read sentence of more Saori Fujisaki; is good!
Feeling called this. sho
As we are troubled with which this nishiyokana ...
bun*kai is very good. Very fun!
Bookshelf is just filled up,
(;_;) which has begun to be able to be clogged up with book
Thing kana ... which we did how
When there is this reading person in mansion
We want to go to hear story. 
But ... which book is story when we are reading, or is figure and others
Intensive shitaikanaiitokorokana -, mmm
Tangle to be. shosho
Well, we hear casually with time of offer and. .
In mansion
Including young lady of master, maid
Really various people come
Waitperson is really fun (^.^)/
As it is Komi sho…! When we say this
Think of kana ... which you cannot talk about
It prevents you from saying…
In fact, it is man who wants to talk a lot!
It will be snacks - hantaigawamadenoo waitperson tomorrow
We do pleasing thing first
... which is something which is something
Don't miss it!
By the way, end reading
We have finished writing blog. . .
What shall we do now?

♡°○ 20180204 ○°♡

Properly as for the blog of today's waitperson…
Do in waitpersons today in [the fifth floor of the head office]; ta (^.^)/
The fifth floor of the head office during February,
... which does my melody collaboration
Is pretty, is pretty! River! ka! Cute ...
There was only in this. . .
We want to come home, and waitperson wants to appear, too…
... which wants to go to best kayo ... the fifth floor round and round
As it became in this, we were glad (^.^)
We soaked ear of my Melo,
We are ashamed to be pretty…
I was kuromi group in old days
It is strange to like villain's part.
shoshosho which juvenile mind called this was not able to say
But be come home many young ladies today,
I was able to see person called kuromi group
The first return how
Person whom we told to be tense for the first time
When we return, he/she says, "we come again" and,
We were very glad.
When it is person noodle whom we have kept waiting a lot
Because become better; ~(;_;)
... which comes to like mansion in this collaboration with opportunity, and is merely figure and others! This (^.^)
shosho which was one feeling
Surely, during collaboration, the fifth floor of the head office is all go
Though we think that it surely does not reach for one,
If there is time to go to help again
We want to do our best badly (^.^)
When it is come home,
One where it was come home a little having margin at time
It may be good
A time by all means dreamlike in mansion…\❤︎/
meromerokyu - n

2 yen waitperson planned / in the first half of month

*: pottsuo: *

It is blog too after a long absence
However, it does not matter very
We went to the sea of dream last time.
... which became age pass how
And [rottsuo] nido fitted in and did
Oh, we are too pretty ...…
We bought up goods on the way home,
With what and what,
bagubearottsuo (smell of strawberry)
But, (;_;) which there was not
And today,
We were able to invite safely.
Thank you Disney store.
In waitperson pen of rottsuo
We used,
We are pretty whenever we take out and are pretty…
We are going to see Toy Story 3 now.
rottsuo oooooo! !

It is now from (^.^)/ way back

It is ... good evening
No, it is not serious particularly,
Wait on table today,
There are how many people, or see master reading book
(^.^) which had you talk
I can experience the world where oneself cannot do it,
Repertories of words increase,
We like putting in the imagination of person and are reading.
Book is great…!
Be reading book for the purpose of being different from me,
Though we only talked a little, we came for heart very much
The day before yesterday,
Find book which you wanted to read all the time in library
To enjoy that we read the book on the next day
If we fly without eating lunch,
What book be borrowed 
It was Shock very much…sho
Therefore shosho which is reading different book from yesterday
We say narrative montage,
It is book filmizing! Interesting.
But after all,
We want to read book which we found the day before yesterday
We bought in way back><) /
And now,
For smell that tea which master drank has good
In what we wanted to drink
We write blog while drinking tea.
We say tea while reading book until a while ago
We did that we were infected by fashion><)
Today…Let's write the yesterday's waitperson blog…
After if sleep, getting up; update stripes
Was only it; ...
Thank you



Good evening!

Do in waitpersons yesterday in [the fifth floor of the head office]; ta…(^.^)/

As it was the evening,
Snow gayaba…It was from the time when it was in this

To young lady of master that it was come home in snow
As far as we respected…! !!

Welcome back it is ... \(^.^)/

There is person who came to meet me…image01_6.gif
Really thank you

But is everybody really all right?
We began worrying from beginning to end><)

Though it is fun, snow is not appreciated…shosho

And do with the first rain clothes; ta ...!
As we faced waitperson without thinking that we could wear
tottemo increased!
Prettiness is jam-packed! Fetish fetish! !
We chose rain clothes of the most favorite color.
In addition, if there is opportunity to wear
Next will make that color…As we decided this
Pleasing (^-^)♡(^-^)


Be happy birthday; better ta tsu!
Can let me do it from what from celebration
Very nice (^.^)/♡
As for the young lady that we begin in the cold
Come together; thank you mat now
Cinnamon practices more generally…! sho
My Melo face……(><)
Were you able to come back safely?…?
In addition, wait for return; and now! Ladies

After an interval of day before unpleasant ...!
Because we did not think that he/she came
We were very glad! It is gen tterune sho many times
We seem to see again in March…
Go for it, we support with feeling called ...!
When we meet next, what kind of Change is there?…
(^-^)/ which will be very pleasing now
As we hand and we become prettier and wait,
Please be looking forward to! Master

We were not able to talk,
It was the third-floor yellowtail!
If we think line to be ... in this way to talk
We talk and,
I have that I do it and…(><)
Next goes to talk! Do with feeling called this; ta!
Waitperson is early carefully,
A shikudekiruyoninaruzo - master

We met once again!
PSP is pink; in sign edda ... and heart…sho
As it was day when a lot of loops were possible
Surely it is shin (^-^)/ black immediately
We were pretty…(^.^)♡
faitodeshita which works in snow! Master

Be happy birthday; better ta!
He/she ate a lot of cakes
You talk about being suitable that you came together
To interesting friend master
Did you have you help? ? sho
Cinnamon and my Melo cute (^.^)
In addition, we want to meet by all means…! The master

Is anything, or, It's been a long time, become feeling; better ta!
Without going to nettokafeni
We were able to return safely
If we check that trace
shosho which had already become dangerous, and got impatient
Bus is stopping matteitanodetekutekushimashita…
Was master all right?
In addition, we will meet in mansion!
We suppose, and thank you for your work! !Master


Snow is what after a long absence,
We walked over snow idly in way back
mogyumogyushiteite is white
It is soft and fluffy and is pretty
Falling snowy shadow is so beautiful
... (^-^)/ where we were able to notice in this

But snow which is left today
Be stepped a lot…
The yesterday's prettiness to where…In feeling called this.
There is snow that sonnanaka is pure white
He…Strong……It was morning when we thought of this.

It will be su in - yorudeo waitpersons eating snacks tomorrow
(^-^)/ which we look forward to in mansion

Then good night…♩


*: * which is going to wait on table of late January:


With ohirunojikanga spare time…?


We went out on absent day of this
At that time, thing recommended,
When it is good that we go to shop
It is story that had a lot of thinking things

Because it was outing after a long absence
We felt to be very fun

Gather early from plan,
It may be enthusiast of keeping changing the mind for kill-time.

We entered LUSH,
It was too unrelated to me and probably tried for the first time
Do attempt stain of pack together
With mechakuchaiijan what this ~
We think and,
Treatment is very good!
We are taught this and
Though it is the same girl, why does he have a lot of information so much?
sho which became this difference hanannanoda ...

I did not buy,
It is now and thinks. We think super.

You should have bought! (;_;)

Mansion have a lot of pretty maids,
Though is uhyo - itoiu feeling; at the same time
Desire that oneself wants to come to show more cute increases

Femininity ... ... which wants to become cute which we want to put up

In thing called this,
If there is opportunity to go to next, we buy.

And want to raise femininity
Look after YouTuber of beauty system
End? If it becomes and confirms this
Lip which is introduced
Only with thing to have
We may like me, lip
We discovered thing called thisimage01_5.gif

I still want! Make goods which think of this
It is lip (^-^)/
Dior! But even if we go to shop
This kid seems to seem to be ... and is wrong!
We must show courage! !sho
Persecution complex is over! !! !

Something looks good! This is good! We say this
If meet, please tell; young lady. !
Please teach master if you know. !

We put up and come to show cute femininity. . .

Syndrome motion that wants to become cute…image02_5.gif

pipi…pi, pipipi…

It is snow or rain and one of kana today
Person that it is come home, please be careful enoughimage03_4.gif

Do by update of spare time; ta (^-^)

Because it is not crowded and will have time now for one hour
We read twin of Saori Fujisaki





It is ... (^-^)/ good evening

Today haasa - oyatsutabetamade
(^-^)(^-^) which was waitperson in [donki shop]

donki shop - ♡♡

We like very much and are with favorite mint
Heart took. Like! (vocabulary)

Maids of donki shop are gentle,
You pay attention to me, and talk
It is waitperson filled with deep emotion very happily. Like.
I was happy todayimage01_4.gif


It is thank you ... (^-^)/ early in the morning
There is me until is over, and Sagata joins, too; seed shosho
Please pray for what happens to my temporary shop together…!
Let's take with ideal height difference this timeimage03_3.gif
We master straightening back of 5 centimeters! Master

... which was the third-floor yellowtail!
Thank you, we are image04_3.gifvery glad that he/she comes to meet! And he/she sees blog and is thank you! It is update today (^-^)/
As crocodile did not seem to be in a good mood, next will do in proper crocodilesimage05_4.gif
Have me praise check
I am happiideshitagoimage06_2.gif master from beginning to end

~ (^-^)/ which was nice to meet you
Feeling ... which we get, and check somewhat has a cute in three peopleimage04_3.gif

In addition, we look forward to coming home in two people! Master and young lady

Though atmosphere such as Japanese no appeared, Japanese umasugirundamon was surprised when we sat down in our seat! sho
I try so hard that I can speak more English!
In addition, please come home! Master

Bag! It was good to be really foundimage07_4.gif
Not to make any already forgetting…Take care!
And kidnapping is not good! The desuyo sho master

Lolita complex thank you ... shosho after a long absence
Emergency; indeed mold; Gon ...image08_3.gifimage04_3.gif
It was destined too for chance!
Very glad! We never perform late rising in this!
Othello intends to become strong…
As for is defeat, being, next is ... master state

Cute ... cute ... shosho which did, and, thank you, image09_2.gifwas embarrassed
We looked good with rabbit very much! (^-^)/ which was bunny girl who showed cute transcendence
Thank you from far away! Young lady

guruguruno period and needle; want to beimage03_3.gif
We meet well! Rather we are always in here these days! shosho which thinks this to become
Please think, "is worn down, and is!" if see again; the ne - master

When it was welcome back from the fifth floor, it was ...!
After all did the fifth floor enter?…! Strong!
You must not carry out push and shove game operation because it is cold…image10_2.gif
In addition, we will meet round and round! The master

It is kyu shiburidattayona to have talked…
There is much number of times to see as we go to various stores each other…!

If is better to talk; ...…
Nail! That reminds me (^-^) where I am self-nail now
Give facilities product of nail early; shosho master

We thought about pose!
Though it was very easy thing, it is with ~, or think if there is next…image11_2.gif
We were glad that there was next! (^-^)/
Waitperson master doing the bestimage03_3.gif

It was passing instant hello,
shosho where we could see and felt nostalgic for face after a long absence
Early sugirune - shosho which we come to feel nostalgic for
Is it kana ~ which was the spot of where today?
Because there is place where we want to talk, next will encounter in mansion! As for coming home, it is the ... master


Today much master, young ladies
(^-^)/ where thank you for your return

Various ... which talks, and listens, and is fun
(^-^) where it is thank very much to play with my worthless story

Snacks will be waitpersons until - night when they ate tomorrow.
With store of rain clothes want to see…(?)
(^-^)/ that everyday maid clothes are pretty and like♡
But as probability to be able to wear of rain clothes is low
Feeling that we want to wear very much is strong!

It will be waitperson at what store tomorrow

It is \/ by pleasure

(and in hope of decorated letter being displayed properly)


image12_2.gifOf late January is going to wait on tableimage13_2.gif


※It became waitperson addition in shortest * where Thursday did not stick to in - last in the * evening on 25th!

We are looking forward to being able to meet in mansionimage15.gif

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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