Is yesterday; ♡♡⋈* .゜

Thank you, waitperson yesterday!
It was renachisanno event! !
By event that is really honored to have you call
renachisantte is really cute
Superpremium is great
It was 1st when we felt this (;ᴗ;)♡♡
Sunflower matches the renachisanha truth,
Is conscious of renachisan; and yellow minotsuyoi
If wear clothes; minion and I who am made a fool of←
() where it was too slow to notice by oneself
Is it minion yan badly? ? ?
It was really pleasant event!
Thank you for having you call (;ᴗ;)
We will want you to wait on table on a lot of forestry conservancy the fifth floor that is leak from now onimage01_30.gif
And! !
It is shu eteopinchanha in the yesterday's waitpersons
(˙-˙) which entered vacation
By September 1 pole dream event
See you againimage02_31.gif 
We go out in the distance from today to tomorrowimage03_32.gif 
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Look forward to!

Date changes; and today
It is renachisanno event! !
We do our best!image00_26.gif 
renachisan is really cute and is gentle
Have me call for event because it is favorite senior
We are too glad that we are really honored (;ᴗ;)
Therefore we really do our best! !
We put only from late time
It is shortest at night,
We support with every effort!
We come home by all means on the fifth floor!image01_29.gif 
There is music to dance in three people
We are really too much tense and feel like vomiting
(˙-˙) (laugh) which video wants
Because we think that I am not laughable
Be, and look at Omojiro badly ()
Is during real vacation, but on vacation in perfection
It is the last waitperson before entering!
We try thing that we have been absent from hard last time (;ᴗ;)
I really am sorry, and last absence is regrettable (;ᴗ;); I am really sorry (;ᴗ;) (;ᴗ;)
Then it is tomorrow! !! !We will meet!
We forgot what time of photograph it was! !()
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I am sorry in the # opin refugees truth yesterday (;ᴗ;)
I am seriously sorry and can talk commonly
Because we were able to walk, waitperson wanted to appear
When 38 degrees is dangerous, it be expected
We were given for waitperson rest (;ᴗ;)
It was not heat stroke when we went to hospital
Of fatigue of body or heat stroke this side to control
As it was symptom, everybody, take care as we seem to do it recentlyimage00_25.gif 
It becomes quite good now and is fine (;ᴗ;)
Originally was teka fine?
Because was heat, cannot go;, sputum, is shindomi
I'm so sorry, (;ᴗ;)
Refugees (;ᴗ;)
Let's meet by renachisan event (;ᴗ;)
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It is waitperson in the shortest at night today!
It is rare on Tuesday! !!
Tuesday waitperson very after a long absence!
I'll do my best! !image00_24.gif
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Dance that hair becomes beautiful, and is nice
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Thank you, waitperson!

Thank you today!
It was funimage00_23.gif 
Congratulations of the fourth anniversary of renachisan
There is! !!
Is it honttonikawaiidesune? !
kanwaii ♡♡♡♡(˙-˙)
Mansion does well very much today
We are busy, and there is many in grasshopper butter
We did not have time to be able to talk
We were glad that we could meet many peopleimage02_27.gif 
Can meet person from hissashiburino
Was really nice; like that!
In addition, come (;ᴗ;); ♡♡!
We returned with namine sputum today
namine sputum which loves me
I am not crowded, too
(˙-˙) which will be closed tomorrow
The next waitperson is vacation if over!
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No title

We come back!
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No title

Waitperson goesimage00_21.gif
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No title

It is waitperson today!
We are after the snacks until ... lastimage00_20.gif
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Waitperson owadesu
Thank you; better sputumimage00_19.gif
It did well tray dane ...
It is fun even if busy←
It is fogged well in a lot of namine these days
We will be tomorrow
It is until the last
We wait
♡It is +..: o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *It is +..: ♡o *
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