**♡ ** that waitperson is 3F

ヽ (*' ∀`) no where premium meeting is over, and waitperson will enter now
Time is from 15:30 to 21:30
It is 3F♡
It rained badly from yesterday to this morning
We wash around three pieces of bath towels and cannot dry outside whether you were half-asleep what you thought of, and it is for room airing after all,
~ヾ (: 3 noshi ヾ) no with much such slight failure
Does such a thing match all? ?
We go to waitperson well today♡

**Came to stay (.* ө ・.); **

He/she came back to hashiemichiyonga my home last night♡
Can do in two people, and see; is appreciation (*'`*) in CM of DVD
We are pretty in several minutes of CM, but we overflow, and heart-throb does not stop anymore,
\ (^o^)/ where we were effeminate though the person was in the neighbor
Eyes or geek who sees shiemichiyono recently. (quite serious)
We talked all the time afterward! Without even if is over each other laughingly at 3:00 the next day though is early after all, mole cricket mole cricket stopping in futon worthless story dekerakera; .゜ (゜ ^ω^ ゜) ゜.
Futon pattern that we proclaimed for shiemichiyon is minion♡
no * which we went into mischief while we took chongao bath and waited for (`(e)')☆
You leave house together in the morning, and bye-bye do
Because time after having been over was in same tomizukimmo business, we get ♡ which spent what dakanda towards bromide shooting with two together timely for two days after shieminoo waitperson and pass and pass♡♡
meteshiemichiyonto unit knob ttayo ヽ (*' ∀`) no first as for this concept bromide shooting
Though we cannot see yet, we think shooting data surely to seem to be good, and to be finished! !!
We look forward to very (// `-'///)♡♡
Custom to be able to do ♡ for a while, and to see, and to play with the person in lap ♡ is kisonamizukindeshita (¯ω¯) sequel to
Can do, and see; reservation of DVD is ... from 28th!♡

**♡ ** that waitperson store is donki shop

ohayocha ~ヽ (*' ∀`) no
While saying this; * as for the photograph before holiday
We have a cute daffi in Invincible (suddenly)
Yes, it is hyokkorihan!
ヾ (: 3 noshi ヾ) no which I sent by thin contents this time
Today's waitperson
Until from 14:30 to 20:30
* which is donki shop
It became earlier for 30 minutes than time when we were going to wait on table and picked up! (I am sorry on account of the mansion!)
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

**We enter in waitperson 7F! **

ohayocha ヽ (*' ∀`) no
It is hot today!
Temperature - tsu (* ¯ω¯ *) which there is never like spring if trench coat haori comes as usual
<< notebook-shaped smartphone case >> releases in order guttsu from tomorrow♡
mizukinha ♡ maid clothes♡
How about shu runonimizukin case with important smartphone of young lady of master; or ... (● 'ω` ●)? ?
Method for purchase is reception desk in reservation at store or Web shop (*'`*); thank you in advance♡
Today's waitperson
Until from 14:00 to 20:00
It is 7F♡
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

**Event and diary ** of one week

Bancha which does not come!
We have a fickle character
With page where we only write one-week event
Divide into page keeping diary and two
We leave every day ('ω `)
As for the event, event that there was already is the same
For example, when is today; it "seemed to drop putting down to do when got on train, and person nearby picked up. Shame zukashi!"
Untie (laugh)
Diary leaves waitperson!
w (five days ago) where it is quite suitable and is writing, "tooth powder seems to disappear already soon" afterward
Though it is not memo substitute when we write that we were said and that we noticed as it is forgetful child, it is good because we can remember when we read again
It is unexpectedly interesting small thing that one of every day does not have thing◎
But (¯ω¯) aha which is secret notebook only for oneself shown nobody.

**Waitperson becomes 3F! **

ohayocha ('ω `) **
Happy birthday got present from friend last week♪
Mug cup of favorite Komeda coffee♡
A good size and logo of Komeda coffee become available and go to Kaai (゜ v ゜ *)
We can enjoy favorite Komeda in house ♪ Really, thank you, it is ... in the friend (*'ω `*) truth who always understands my favorite thing, and does surprise♡
Today's waitperson until from 14:00 to 20:00
It is 3F♡
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

**rimasu in 7F with waitperson! **

Bancha which does not come!
This ice is delicious♡
We pass and are ice called ... "Sugao"
Sugao, Sugao, Sugao ('~`●)

Is it that?
Is not "SUGAO"; and "SUNAO" yan
Was today's reading accident to say this ('ω `); Hi is *
Today's waitperson
It is 7F until from 18:00 to 22:00♡
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

**Birthday bingo **

We were taught by young lady slightly before << birthday bingo >>
Is person noaruaruomatometamonogadorekurai expectation born on own birthday one of circle?
We saw birth on mizukimmo 21st
Step; step. .
My answer
Two bingo ... (°▽°)! (laugh)
It is a secret where was prepared♡
Because is interesting, young lady of master challenges on own birthday, too; and ... ♪ (tell answer (゜ v ゜ *)♡)

**♡ ** that waitperson is 3F

On Sunday!
How is young lady of master getting along? ? (゜ v ゜ *)
... (T ▽ T) that pimple got share kariyasuikuraipukkurishita pimple
We do not want to think down and are doing shortly (laugh)
But (ºωº) which cream coat was careful as trace wanted to finish to be cured early, but was destroyed when we got up this morning
Habit to bury face in I pillow of there being forgot
Please laugh to contain waitperson though you make up as usual as pimple is red outstanding ('ω `)
Today's waitperson
Until from 15:00 to 21:00
It is 3F♡
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

**Waitperson is donki shop desuyo ♡ **

We went out to house of local close friend to play yesterday♡
mouzuttozutto wanted to see (T ▽ T)♡♡♡♡
T-shirt ♡ (laugh) to gather in two people, and not to be able to leave
Product ate favorite samgyeopsal in house!
It is always our style to wrestle with every effort (in what) when we play!
Favorite friend whom he/she makes feel bright even if we meet whenever♡
Prettiness that is like baby, and is lovely from old days (x)♡♡
Again from today gancho rou ♡(*'ω `*)
Today's waitperson
It is donki shop until from 14:00 to 20:00♡
Look forward to return; * :+ °.

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