Temporary store! Throb♡

It is news!

Report in front was long

We shorten this time!

Then! !

Temporary store of koala! !

[AKIBA Store 7F]


The first waitperson was the seventh floor, too♡

Nice ~(≧∇≦)

Waitperson of next month is excited♡

Master, young lady and the seventh-floor maids!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We try so hard that we can help!

*- ★It is full that the yesterday's waitperson is glad! ★-*

It is large adventure report after a long absence!

It is 12 days since then><)

As there were many problems of magic school and was busy so as not to be able to get time to eat

After waitperson was over, we cooked and ate and slept. (laugh)

Waitperson is absent today

It was waitperson who was long from opening yesterday.

There is father, and, in thing, this report writes yesterday!

As there is a lot of what we want to write,

"The next report is important! Glad! It is news!"

*-* - * - * - *

[waitperson of November 18]

It was waitperson yesterday on the sixth floor!

We are glad meeting master and young lady come home only for the sixth floor!

And master of return that it was ten years since then came.

@We come home without forgetting home cafe

We were very glad><)

You play a game together, and face

We did crocodile crocodile for the first time.

When crocodile crocodile is chewed, we do not have a pain

When we were bitten, koala was surprised very much.

After all koala is easy to be surprised.

We want to play various games

And as for overseas master and young lady

We came home a lot.

Linguistic ability of koala is useful and is glad above all!

And as for master and the young lady of country where there are a lot of friends of koala

You came a lot.

Of trip that is long from foreign countries, foreign master come home, young lady

We are seen, and koala wants to appeal for splendid smile for joy!

And and,

We love country where there are a lot of friends of koala

We go many times and go on a lot of trips and say that we want to live and

As for master who has held friend of koala in the arm

Come, and is fun a lot; was able to talk!

It was nice to meet you, but got along well><)

In it! We wrote BD Cards!

First BD Cards! First sorochieki!

We seemed to cry for joy so as not to be able to express by words><)

Feel koala to other master, young lady

You call out, and talk peacefully

Yesterday hahontoni! Nice thing is full!

Oh, in it of yesterday serving

It was "hamburger steak demiglace sauce".

It was delicious! We were glad! Love♥

And waitperson is beautiful girl new face lily after having been over; properly

We returned together halfway!

Let cry; if is, and intend to follow rice together to eat

As koala forgot that we withdrew money

We were not able to go to eat together.

We were sad, but were glad that he/she invited

Then we do yesterday by here!

How many times [glad] did you write?

The next large adventure report is important news!

We write tonight or tomorrow!

Thank you for reading to here!



*° + is nice only by having been praised; and a lot of hearts + °*

It was waitperson today on the sixth floor☆

We did, and hagu was fun with fox tightly (о' ∀ `о)

After all it is splendid to hug!

It sprouts and can charge♡

And we try for the first time today

To master

"After all it was said, we are pretty"♡

aaa ... nice ...♡

Thank you! Thank you!

We do not leave koala throughout the life on that day!

Only in one praise

Waitperson can try koala hard more!

Please support☆

°* two months passed! Is waitperson of koala useful? *°

komban koala!

It was the day today for two months of koala!

It passed that much at time

In comparison with time of the still noisily first waitperson,

Did you improve a little?

We were praised today somewhere by fairy!

Nice ...

Waitperson of koala is useful; saw; is, and do!

Good ...

Because koala does not become yet good at talk,

Work of mansion does its best very much.

Is oneself useful for koala when we do not do our best?…

We come to have no confidence.

Another two months passed,

Koala remains have no confidence more.

If we can have words of support

We feel like seeming to be able to do the best more!

Please watch koala!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


It will be two months of koala tomorrow!

Master, young lady ...

It is news!

Tomorrow of koala

It is the day for two months!


And we must decide temporary store soon.

Do you think that koala is where-like?

As there will be waitperson tomorrow,

We are glad when we can tell!

Thank you in advance♡

♪As for the koala, talk is poor, but I'll do my best♪

Master, young lady

Thank you for return today.

Koala was waitperson today on the sixth floor.

As the sixth floor is open today at 14:00,

Koala was opening - last!

As we did our best very much, we are glad when you can praise.

Koala is weaker in human being word,

When we talk with master and young lady, we may not hear.

But as we do our best very much,

Please please permit. (>Person <;)

Even poorness is fun; want to talk.

To convey this thought; I'll do my best!

Please support!

And happy Halloween!

Respond to Twitter.

 Twitter: @maid_ koala

☆*It is today's waitperson, encounter that there is many. *☆

Young lady of master, good evening!

Many returns, thank you.

It was waitperson today on the sixth floor.

Master of nice to meet you

Master after a long absence

The master for the first time in yesterday came, too.

We talked a lot and were fun!

And it is today's the sixth floor

There were very many new face maids!

We are with "honey" after a long absence

\\ \\٩ (`ω') و////

It should be fogged more


New face maid of nice to meet you

chokochan, yoruchan, yurinachan, neochan, nadir

(=' ∀`) person ('∀` =)

Koala is new face still more, too,

When question about waitperson is done

"a, me, we know! It is tell!"

We were glad what it was for tte feeling.

Did koala grow up as maid a little?

And we are on the way today

New face stops by; returned together properly☆

Talk in various ways; and fun (๑>◡<๑)


Time that does not come anymore!

We must sleep early…

Take a rest; ...


☆・° which was fun without losing °, today's waitperson, typhoon☆

Young lady of master

Typhoon gradually approaches, are preparations all right?

Red gum that koala just lives

As it is not so high tree

We think of good kanatto (we pray so!)

(>Person <;)

Rain is great today

Return, thank you!

Can talk much

There are many new encounters

We were very glad♡

By the way, if waitperson is over

Umbrella ☂️ of eucalyptus leaf of koala has flown somewhere!

It is pinch very much! In no

Is gentle; is gentle

He/she helped the fourth-floor maid nosuirensanga!

With umbrella under which a couple of man and woman walk close together, thank you♡

We love suirensan♡♡

We took photograph together!

 Twitter: @maid_koala

☆*・・* that today's waitperson was impressed☆

Today's waitperson is head office the fifth floor

Premium maid noaikusammoimashita.

And aikusanto together

There was chance that meal provided☆

aikusannoo waitperson was very splendid!

We were impressed!

Characteristic! It is studied ☆(๑>◡<๑)

As for the koala,


Bright smile, vigorous waitperson

We want to come to be able to do it!

We do our best from now on!




♪*・Dish ・* slow on off day♪

Young lady of master

Koala was closed today.

It is lacking not to be able to meet,

Write report,

To master, young lady

We are happy when you can read report of koala!

By the way, today

We were able to cook dish slowly after a long absence.

As master, young lady know

Koala hapipiyopiyopiyo ☆We love fledgling Rice♡

So thing similar

We made!

How about; or (๑>◡<๑)


There will be waitperson tomorrow!

Being able to meet master, young lady

Look forward to!

Twitter: @maid_koala

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