○・° which °, waitperson ends○

Young lady of master

otsu koala!

Thank you for your return!

We were lonely so as not to understand the meaning yesterday,

Can meet master and young lady today

We became very fine!



It was clothes of the first anniversary of violet of close senior maid today (≧∀≦)

Happy fried ╰(*'︶`*)╯

And if we look after new face and call out to color

We were glad that he/she said, "we talked with koala are selfish!"!

If talk, is great in very interesting children together; laughed. sho

It was very happy 1st!

The next waitperson is shortest on the night of 18th.

Please come to meet!

(*'ω`*) which looks forward to return



p.s. We have a feeling that we look good with straight than roll.

○Waitperson planned ・° remaining in °, April○

Good morning.


To today ... dinner in front of the lunch, it is sign echa②

Dinner is after one round of clock right under.


We look forward to return.

We are waiting.

Oh, please do not forget umbrella.



In this, remaining April; is going to wait on table.

○°, whimsical koala ・°○

Young lady of the Dear master


I am sorry not to write report of adventure for a long time.

Become lonely suddenly today,

If we write here even if we cannot meet master and young lady

We think that we may not be lonely and write whimsical report.


Theme [① wanting koala to know this being]


I am born and am shyness

It is hard voice or to kick for person.

For fear of even jerk seeming if we call out to person suddenly

It is voice, or person cannot readily kick for worry.

And because we want to certainly talk for joy when it is voice or was kicked

We should do several episodes, or conspiracy conspires, and there are not words in the inside of head

It seems that it is, "character is bad" well "do you not want to talk?".

Let's talk about rearranging gadekiteyosshi of head! If we think of this,

Story was not often connected anymore.


But I believe that time is necessary to make friends with person.

I come to talk very much if tame with person.

Give me time.

And, oh, we became maid and passed more than half a year.

Be getting used very much

We embrace senior maid younger student maid well recently.

It of my love express, and is person.

Therefore it is koala.


The above


Thank you that we read to here!



★Today is system maid clearly★

It is koala.

We wait on table in system clearly today!

We add nothing to headband

As for what's called maid, a feeling of cleanliness is important♡

☆It was 5 nichikanrentsutome☆

It is koala!

A Happy New Year.

It is beginning of this year blog update!

It was kyushirentsutome from 31st to 4th☆

Because you did your best very much, please praise. sho

That reminds me it is this

To master, is reading blog of koala; stop by

We were said!

Thank you! We are glad (*' ∇` *)


Aim of this year of koala

① We attend fun society!

②Master, young lady who come home on the seventh floor

We become able to call by the name.

③We participate in bromide shooting.

All for master and young lady!

We do our best this year!

Thank you in advance♡


2018, 1.5

Twitter: @maid_koala

○** which waited on table well noisily○

otsu koala!

Many returns, thank you!

The end of the year approaches, and mansion gradually becomes turnout and kana, too.

We were vigorous and waited on table today♡

A lot of young ladies of overseas master come home, too

Linguistic ability size inflection of koala☆

We are glad that we can help!

Nice thing①

Master of the today first return in a year

We win by game to koala,

sorochieki hit when we turned fetish fetish noisy cricket!

Is happy; is happy☆

Sad thing①

Before handing taking a ceremonial photograph to overseas young lady

Young lady has gone out. ('° ̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω ° ̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ `)

Sorrow that seems to come out in dream tonight…

I am really sorry noisily today.

Waitperson will be absent tomorrow.

As we participate in event on the last day of the year on 31st,

We will fully charge fetish tomorrow!

Then again on 31st!

Twitter: @maid_koala

☆It became wonderful Christmas☆

otsu koala!

Thank you for your many returns today!

To master and young lady

Merry Christmas! It was good to be able to say this!

For koala, it was very wonderful Christmas today.

For master and young lady

Did it become wonderful Christmas today?

Can meet master of return after a long absence

Learn koala

We were glad!

Try koala hard

We remember master and young lady!

The remainder of this year,

Koala on 26th, 29th, 31st

We look forward to return in mansion!

Twitter: @maid_koala

Today the seventh-floor Christmas Koss day

It is koala!

It is the seventh-floor Christmas Koss day today.

Koala enters at lunch!


We paint with unusual lipstick and wait on table today

Christmas is (≧∇≦)!! in particular

By the way, as it is after dinner from lunch

As we do not take photograph in the opening / last

We want you to come to meet to be of waitperson♡

We are waiting☆

Twitter: @maid_koala

From tomorrow on January 3 is going to wait on table.

We are going to wait on table now!

I am sorry to be late. (i _ i)

As it will be the seventh-floor Christmas Koss day tomorrow

We look forward to very!

As it is the first Koss D,

We are glad if you can come to see!

○*•The sixth floor after a long absence and the third floor that has never met•*○

otsu koala!

We waited on table after a long absence today on the sixth floor.

Master and young lady who went on a trip all the time

You came much!

Return, thank you.

We are seen, and a lot of smiles are glad that we can spend happy time!


We went to the third floor for the first time today

We came home in young ladies♡

New face mionayachan which wanted to encounter all the time

New face amanatsuchanto which we watched a little on the seventh floor

We took a ceremonial photograph.

New face yurinchangao waitperson case came at time for appearance.

yurinchantomo wanted to take a ceremonial photograph (i _ i)

There are very many new faces in the third floor, and everybody is pretty

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

June, 2018
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