With yesterday and today

Waitperson is over!
(ᵕᴗᵕ) where we put together on 2nd, and thank you for your return
saikinhitorininarutosugu sleep takunatchaunaa - nandakonoegetsunai sleepiness…
By the way, it is yesterday's waitperson owarinihafuachantogohanotabemashita!
Love; mix; side
It is beautiful, fatty meat topping is supreme bliss
Then we went to store specializing in fresh cream in Shinjuku!
... cute ... which structure wants to drink
A feeling of milk was strong, and both ice and fresh cream drank ◎ fuachanha fresh cream which was exquisiteness (laugh)
Shall we list on Twitter or blog in one of (easy) which has bought fuachannikawaiitteiwareteureshikunatte cap on impulse this time?
And enter into Lloyd's and namine and Akiba absolute domain after the waitperson today; better sputum!
We talked in three people from zuttomaekaraittemitakute, morning and went while throbbing…
inyasuggokukawaikatta! !
Though there was maid of cat, very, very pretty shika pretty already from beginning to end said and was not precocious (laugh)
... which depended on magic of cat in three people
Paste paste \\ \(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////
And after all we are stimulated as the same maid…
We were able to be present at live, but maid one of domain certainly dances, be doing to Les to various person in spite of being various direction directions. We saw with rapture while thinking that there was not kapinihasonna courage.
@We want to try fun party of this harder in mansion! Want to learn dance; as for the trace story! Though there are many saikinhamattarino days and can go in a lot of stories, we want to go in story to all the which sees eyes well, and comes home when we are busy. ... which wants to become good maid of the point
It will prevent seeming to be met to let you seem to taste non-daily life though you become ashamed or do anosowasowachau feelings or from forgetting…
We were in a position to present aratametekapigasoiu feeling to everybody and felt value when that it was very wonderful.
We were able to have a good experience◎
fuachan, Roy, namine, ... that thank you! In addition, please play ('-`)
Because there is feeling that has eaten and drunk too much for two days, we want to get thinner…It is thin and wants to become pretty…It is everlasting problem of girl…
kapi (¨ ̮)

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

January, 2018
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