We let you post gomennasaimokkai and have failed
[because there is a lot of news, read! !]
... which we wait, and there are various kinds today too much, and what should talk aboutimage00_96.gif
Anyway! There were many people who were the last, and lacrimal gland of Ilya was loose, but thank you for people who came to meet today! !There is person who Ilya makes a fuss too much, and was not able to take photograph, and I'm so sorry! !! !
And with what! Will wear rain clothes tomorrow; rarerukotoniimage01_96.gifimage02_95.gif
wwwwww Ilya whom original maid clothes to also wear at the same time on the fifth floor in the present days have become last is surprise! !! !! shosho
So in a sense person who took photograph is lucky today! !
We will wait from opening in mansion tomorrowimage04_99.gif
And we hadimage05_100.gif beautiful flower! !! !!
If is good; in bottom is good! Please pushimage08_46.gif
nekusutookyuji is 19thimage09_28.gif
It releases the last film stars picture! Please have by the second-floor shop or mail order or convenience store print; ...
image10_17.gifTwitter @maid_iliya
Follow request stripeimage11_8.gif
Most strong; tear off ☆puru, CD and DVD of night dew agony of death are image12_5.gifnight dew agony of death u during releaseimage13_4.gif
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January, 2018
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Tomorrow ☆ during cotton wool days increase (cotton)

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