Three months Ribbon

We hide on September 15 and are margin
We referred re-Bonn for three monthsimage00.gif
In fun society being open
We are tense badly…
Still because lot showed face
We felt relievedimage01.gif
Fun society was open in dog cat and eternity!
Because we hide, and do mew in cats and is bean jam dog
It is just good music!
Even if young lady of master takes, heap up
We were glad that he/she calledimage02.gif
Bouquet is thank you, too!image03.gif
Young lady and maid of also much master
... which was the gladdest that he/she said that congratulations
And I am sorry that we keep check and game takkusano waiting and doimage04.gif
It went flat with business as never before…
We do our best to grow up more and yet moreimage05.gif
We make korekaramohimenyanoyoroshikuo wishimage06.gif
Present is also thank you, too!image07.jpg

himenyanno temporary shop

We do not come! Of new face maid hide; mew!



As temporary shop was decided, we will tellimage00_2.gif



We decided while getting advice from young lady of master, senior maid.




Seniors of head office floor, fairy

We would like from now onimage02.gif



In the third floor, young lady of master is very warm and is interesting, and fairy is gentle, too, and senior was comfortable, too, and waitperson is fun at all! It was store to think of to be in this. Fun society swells very much, too and likes atmosphere yokutesoyutokomoimage03_2.gif
We think that we will hide in good store more and yet more from now on so that it is and want to cooperate mew as the third floor is store which was just doneimage04_2.gif

Read blog; and thank you (◦ˉ˘ˉ◦)


Always thank you

Blog update ... after a long absenceimage00.gif 
Because there was nice thing a lot recently
We are going to write the feeling in blog!
At first he/she has bromide and
Young lady of master whom he/she was going to work as
He/she was a lot and felt very glad (;_;)
Because we may not sell anyway
As for own share and mom nyanno
We are sold out if we think of Pochi roukanatte for the waitperson end > <)
Thank you for letting you sign a lotimage01.gif
There was young lady of master whom we told to have been impossible though we were going to invite in ripu and was glad at all even of the feeling (;_;)
It and master gave present to!
burizabudofurawa of pretty GlassShoeimage03.gif
In addition, we had with flower
Of copying forgot, and have already died (;_;)
We take from next and take photograph immediately! !! !!
Hide; from young lady mew of master
We thought that we did not be endowed
He/she always talks and
He/she praises that we are pretty and
Thank you for consultation being carriedimage04.gif
Please watch warmly!
To maid who is surely excellent one year later
Because we think that it becomes
Shall we sleep already soon?image05.gif
Good nightimage06.gif

Twitter (;_;)

We hid, and Twitter was not mew usable once againimage00_3.gif 
We have been not able to log in when we played with by setting oneself…(;_;)
It seems to be serious that revive by the end of July though there is not which do not dry that it revive when > <)image01_3.gif
We reflect. .
The next waitperson is 29th!

Sign echa

It is sign echaha 19:30!

It is the third floor today!

We look forward to that we work as the third-floor opun ... and othersimage00_2.gif
It is devil Koss day with angel (˶'⚰︎`˵)image01_2.gif
Which do wear; in fun?
We are going to put on, and dattandakedonyoronyorochan physical condition seems to be bad, and waitperson seems to be absent properly like a wormimage02.gif
nyoronyorochanni wants to see (;_;)

It is the fourth floor today!

We look forward to that we work as ... and others in the eveningimage00.gif

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you! Hide pro-cat fetish maid; mew (',,•ω•,, `)
As one month passed from June 14 of for the first time waitperson
Fairy gave Twitter to…
Fall into limit
We locked in account or have been kicked ('•̥ X•̥`)
Though we looked forward to even if we take, it is hot (;_;)
Probably as it is necessary for restoration for 2.3 days
We are going to put waitperson information on blog till then!

And and!
19th is angel and devil Koss day of 3F
We participate in this! Wow (no) *'꒳`* (ヾ)
Koss D participation is the second in this!
(˶'⚰︎`˵) where the first made Star Festival Koss D in donki
When Koss D was fresh, and it was fun, we thoughtimage01.gif
Next waits on 18th in mansion!

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you! Hide pro-cat fetish maid; mew (',,•ω•,, `)

@Let's tell everybody home cafe!

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