terimakashi! !! The Jakarta best (`, ω,')♡♡♡

(*'꒳`*) which finished event safely♡

You could see to young lady of much master of Jakarta and were very glad (* ≧∀≦ *)! !! !
Thank you kindly really warmly! !
There were how many people, or master who rushed from Japan came, and astonishment was very nice♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

We studied the principle of maid with cosplayer Ola of Jakarta in hapihapimoningu and eternity! Ola Kaai ... ♡ favorite (*'꒳`*) which we passed♡♡♡♡

Though we write in various ways and have a lot of with drum, it will leave hotel at 4:00 tomorrow!
haya! !! shoshoshosho

It is just 0:20! !So,
We go to bed! So that nen ♬ can rise again tomorrow………It is shoshoshosho

image1_3.jpeg image3_2.jpeg

Let's do our best *chain nde today (* ≧∀≦ *)♡

Good morning ... (`, ω,')♬
This is 8:10 of morning♬

We eat breakfast and are doing let's go to rehearsal of today's event (* ≧∀≦ *)

We do our best *chain nde today!


We brought this child (* ≧∀≦ *)♡♡♡

By the way! We sleep (*'꒳`*)♬
After having eaten rice together, we spoke during movement that we talked about in three people all the time in room (* ≧∀≦ *) all the time

We take our ease too much♡♡♡

Jakarta is 27:10 now!
Is it later than Japan for just two hours? (`, ω,')

Oh! Oh, yes, (* ≧∀≦ *)
We brought favorite moray this time because there was little baggage, and single ppoga of carry case was not crowded! We hold, and feeling is the best!♬♬♬

Well! gancho ruzo ♬ will be closed tomorrow!

image2.jpeg image3.jpeg

There was arrival at Jakarta! !(* ≧∀≦ *)♡

Jakarta arrived (`, ω,')♡

It is flight of seven and a half hours!
It was good to arrive safely (* ≧∀≦ *)♡

kurokochantochimutokagetoraga formed a line and, in airplane, sat down (*'꒳`*)♡

Though we play movie in three people in the same timing when we want to eat your pancreas and saw in three people, it is moumetchakucha wailing

Very good ... ° (ಗдಗ.). °.♡♡♡

Besides, we saw friend punishment and the 50th first kiss! Japanese movie ♬♬ sometimes has unusually good Japanese movie, too♬


Fly; fly (`, ω,')♡♡♡

Close takeoff danyo - n (*'꒳`*)image00_16.gifimage01_2.jpg
Arrive in Jakarta safelyimage02_12.gif
See you (`, ω,')image03_13.gif

We become afraid whether there is not thing left behind (`, ω,')

By the way! Starting pickled vegetablesimage00_15.gifimage01_14.gifimage02_4.jpg
There is not thing left behind; or uneasiness is ...!
If there is, maid clothes and passport and *cha are all right (*'꒳`*)image03_12.gif
Dress apron pannier headband Ribbon mud Wirz knee high loafer! !Good! OKimage04_7.gif
Jakarta pleasure ...♬♬♬

Surely is you da you da you (*'꒳`*); ikorabu (*'꒳`*)♡

We photographed animeju December issue today!image00_14.gifimage01_13.gif 
=It is waterfall side sho old santo Emiri Otani of LOVEimage02_11.gif
We were pretty and were pretty and were pretty and were healed and rolled up. ° (ಗдಗ.) °.♡♡♡♡image04_6.gifimage05_7.gif
It appears in animeju December issue of release on Saturday, November 10! Please see!
We tell again if it approaches on sale dateimage06_4.gif

sorochieki knob ttado! !(* ≧∀≦ *)

It was after a long absence and took formallyimage00_13.gifimage01_12.gif
Waitperson was over and took U.K. sorochieki after we talked! !
We try drawing hard afterward!image03_11.gifimage04_5.gif

Hurrah! Hurrah! (* ≧∀≦ *)♡

It was picture of the sorochieki second kind or has finished comingimage00_12.gifimage01_11.gif 
Happy Halloweenimage02_10.gifimage03_10.gif
Of music to perform karaoke alone after having made dance exercise six hours of event, and to sing by event practiced (* ≧∀≦ *)image05_6.gif
... which music voice of LiSA is high-pitched, and is difficult! I'll do my best (`, ω,')♡
Tomorrow is taking picture of sorochieki suruyon (* ≧∀≦ *) jumbigancho ruyoo ~!! from English conversation from waitperson

It was sorochieki first kind picture or has finished coming (*'-`)♡

pyompyonchimuchii! We have finished describing (`, ω,')image00_11.gifimage01_10.gif
We drew sorochieki today while seeing baseball after we went to hair salon (* ≧∀≦ *)image03_9.gif
Finish the first kind safely; and today's duty end!
We will go to bed early today in studio tomorrow because it is event member and dance exercise (`, ω,') early riserimage04_4.gif

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