My @ hoo - mu | Application introduction
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We come with rank up at master, another 1 point!

Congratulations on master, rank up!

We got master, new trophy!

We will tell about master, maid waiting on table now♥

Master, new news arrive!

Master, new news arrive!

Let master, me navigate application♪

Right now application
@Home cafe
Let's enjoy more!

You rank as, and improve
Let's get privilege!

When there is application, we come with rank up than silver rank by certificate of master

When we rank as and improve, privileges such as discount are received!
Point to the next rank understands application immediately, too and is convenient!

Come home to cafe
Let's gather!

We read QR from application and can get trophy when we participate in check and game event

We can record memory that played with maid as trophy one by one!

Maid who is waiting on table
Let's check!

We can check maid waiting on table in cafe in real time

We understand maid who can meet anytime! Great!

The latest news
Let's catch!

@We send the latest information from home cafe by notice of push

We can catch without overlooking important news! Wonderful!

Right now application
@Home cafe
Let's enjoy more!